My steps to success for on Intel NUC

Given my confused attempts with Docker and the fact that I only need the NUC for anyway, I thought it might be somewhat easier to just use the new NUC image and do exactly what I did on the Raspberry Pi.

So I downloaded the NUC image, flashed it onto a USB stick, put the stick into a NUC with no preexisting partition. However, I get stuck at the very beginning when this menu shows up and none of the options seem to do anything.

Can anybody guide me towards the next steps?

On the Raspberry Pi, this worked without a problem, but the NUC seems to be a different animal.

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Yep. :wink:

I think the NUC image is bugged right now, and is in Beta

Ah, too bad, I guess I’ll just wait a bit then.

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Hey there. Check this thread. At the moment, you need to use DD or ZCat under Linux live to image the SSD on the NUC as there is no auto installer. It took me hours to work it out with the assistance of @BerryClam but once sorted, less than 5 minutes to get it working. Running sweet with 0.85.1 with 2% CPU.

P.S Bluetooth is not working at least on my DN2820FYKH (7260).

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I get a “Sorry, you do not have access to this topic!” - is the url correct?

I’m a dumb ass! Conversation with @BerryClam was private. Here is the gist of it.

  • Copy the gz file here to a USB drive
  • Boot your NUC with any Linux Live Distro ( I used Parted Magic)
  • With File Explorer, note the drive the GZ file is located on (mine was /media/sdc1)
  • Use the following command to image the NUC’s SSD assuming it is sda.

gunzip -c /media/sdc1/hassos_intel-nuc-2.12.img.gz | dd of=/dev/sda bs=4M conv=fsync

@BerryClam used the following command:

gunzip -c /home/ubuntu/Downloads/hassos_intel-nuc-2.12.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sda as he had downloaded the GZ using a live Ubuntu install instead. Both methods work.

The dd command images the SSD in full with the GZ file. I made a video while I did the process but at the moment it has no sound. Happy to share if that will help.

EDIT: Updated to 2.12 Image 16th May 2019


Yes, please!

Here you go.


Thanks for this! How long did your installation take? Mine has been running for an hour now… Stuck at “wlp58s0: link is not ready”…

That seems to be the network connection (wired). In Ubuntu, the network connection works fine only after the restart after the above command, it hangs…

Yep, mine said that too as I had no network connection. Moved NUC to wired network, booted up and then remote in to that location with ip:8123

Hmm, the NUC is connected via ethernet cable which works find as tested in the Ubuntu installation. Strange…

@sapnho So it doesn’t appear on your router? Is the WiFi card in your NUC currently supported?

The thing is, I am not even using wifi, just a wired ethernet connection.

Yep, as am I but is your Ethernet board supported and does it appear on your network?

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Do you think I could just use etcher to flash the image to the drive and then reinstall the mssd back into the nuc and boot?

The HDMI on my nuc are kaput so need to do a headless install also.

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Worth a crack

I’m really curious if this will work

Will let you know in a few days. Still waiting on my mssd USB adaptor to arrive. But sounds like it should

thankyou for this video i was easily able to install to my nuc i5 d54250WYK and following the guide above was able to get my aeotec zwave gen5 stick working and samba/everything else

upgraded from a pi3b+ this nuc really blows the pi out of the water, it reboots so quick, snapshots are within a minute and zwave seems much more responsive.

just a shame that there is no GPIO as thats the only feature im missing so will have make a tasmota relay to control my alarm siren as before it was attached to the gpio on the pi but thats no problem.

thanks once again.

You’re welcome. Glad you got it working. It’s damn fast alright!