Nest Hello Doorbell and the 'Nest' integration


I noticed that the built in ‘Nest’ integration supports the Nest camera, in so much as it can pull a still frame from the video stream.

Does this support the Nest Hello (Doorbell) camera?

Also, there been any progress on the problem with setting up new Google \ Nest developer accounts, without which this integration cannot be used?


This integration only works if you set it up before Nest shut down the Works with Nest program.
I luckily got in before the curtain closed, but if you haven’t set it up already it won’t work.
I use public sharing to get live video into HA, but A it’s public, B it’s like 10 seconds behind.
Person detection is really important for me so I’m so glad it works for now until Google breaks something else.

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Bad nest is also an option.

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Thanks, i figured as much, but wondered if there had been any update on this since. I guess not.

Thanks for the information though, much appreciated.

I’ve noticed that. Are you using it? How do you find it?

Will have a tinker with it this evening.


I am using it.

Both my thermostat and camera work.

It is with HACS and you have to use the forked version. Search crappy bad nest in the forums and you will find the thread.

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@Literoya darn I went nuts fixing my Nest Hello recently.
I thought that only the therostats where supported.
I’ll have to take a look.

Thanks, I’ll give that a read. :grinning:

So @nmparmar I’ve worked through the badnest integration and can help you if you want to go that route.
The video from my Nest Hello is about one frame every 2-3 seconds, but they get to my screen faster than the public shared stream.
I don’t seem to get a person detection binary_sensor out of the deal so I don’t think it’s best for me at the moment.

I’ll keep it in my back pocket incase I loose my current access to the legacy Works With Nest integration + the public stream.

Glad I looked at this.

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Hi @keithcroshaw - thank you for the offer of help, I would really appreciate it if you could share the config you used. Would certainly save me some time and effort. Like you say, bit of a shame you cannot get the sensor you want, I can see how it would be a deal breaker.

Here’s hoping Google / nest offer up a new way into the Nest eco-system.

Thanks once again. :+1: :+1:

I’ll PM you.

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i just came across this post, i’m only now finding out about the end of WWN, unfortunate. Do you think you could give me some help with the config as well?

How do you use the public sharing for see the video? I still have the old work with nest.

I do as well, public sharing works regardless if you have it.

Take a look at this topic:

So I guess there is new hope…


Its available but i dont see anything moving in home assistant

Yep it’s in beta 0.117. Only temperature and humidity sensors though. But it’s a start that can be extended. It works!


Damn, i want the camera stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
But good to know, its a start

edit: i dont see it in the pages though

Yeah, camera people exhaled a sigh but I’m not contributing code, so I wait. Luckily I’m extremely bogged down by work so I’m patient for once.

The day has come! I’ve got my Nest Doorbell working after some trail and error with these steps Nest - Home Assistant!