Nest locks users out of their own data


Some sad news for users with a Nest product: Nest is no longer accepting new developer accounts. This means that if you bought a Nest thermostat, you are no longer able to access YOUR data.

New Home Assistant users will not be able to integrate their Nest products. Home Assistant users that have already integrated Home Assistant with Nest are not affected.

We hope that Nest will implement a new program or add support for locally controlling the Nest thermostat, if they do, we will update this post. Until then, we can no longer recommend buying or using any Nest product.

We're currently restructuring our developer program and are no longer accepting new developers to the program or performing client integration reviews for existing developers until the new program is implemented. Stay tuned for further details and announcements.

— Nest (@nest) January 16, 2019</blockquote>

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This plus the fact that my Nest has taken to mis-reading the ambient temperature gives me reason to switch. Any UK users able to make a recommendation?


I’m using Hive and can recommend it.


And if I have a gateway, e.g. Vera Plus or Edge which can handle the NEST Thermostat, then I can read parameters from Vera and configure the NEST through Vera?


If I would start over with what I know now about Home Assistant I probably wouldn’t buy a Nest. The price just isn’t worth it unless you want a cool looking clock on your wall :wink: .


If I didn’t have three zones I’d have tossed them a long time ago and gone to Ecobee. The other failure is that the API only exposes about 1/4 of what they have available. The undocumented API was very rich with data.


Could you just use an aggregator service like Wink to access your nest through HA?


Wiser by Drayton (Schneider Electric) has a local API, fantastic value for money compared to the other brands. No native component for HA written yet, But I have an almost completed interface through Node-Red.

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The timing of this message is incredible. I literally installed a nest hello a couple of hours ago. I’m very interested in any news on the new developer program such as when it will be available.


One more proof that you should never use these cloud devices but your own devices where you control your data like HA :slight_smile:


Also a comment from me: we should make a blacklist for those devices.


I’d recommend Tado, they have a monthly/yearly subscription now, but the product is great.


I saw this message on their site a couple weeks ago, but I filled in the form and still got the developer account info and it works with HA. So, seems they are still creating the needed keys/etc.


Did they email you the info after completing the form, or were you brought right to the interface? When I signed up the only option is to “Create new OAuth Client”, the rest of the interface for generating keys isn’t available.


Right in the interface. Filled in the form and on next page was the keys.


Like others said I saw the message a week or two ago and still was able to get key and make thermostats and hello doorbell work. Doorbell was a little finnicky at first but after some troubleshooting its solid now.


Yeah. I was able to too, the docs just don’t match the interface 100% so when things weren’t matching (and having seen the message on the page), I assumed some feature I needed was going to be missing.

The new interface just has a button that says “Create new OAuth Client”. So in the docs, steps 4 & 5 don’t exist now. The rest of it follows though.


(I’m in the US.)

Does anyone use Radio Thermostat (CT50/CT80) as an alternative to Nest? What are the alternatives with local AIP access? Protocol (Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.) does not matter to me.

It seems to me that anything that looks very modern and sleek-looking such as Nest or Ecobee would require Internet access, so it makes sense that I should not care for the modern looks when choosing a thermostat; however, that can be worked around with an in-wall tablet with a modern thermostat interface that connects to Home Assistant.


I use Radio Thermostat CT50’s in my house. No cloud access is required for HA integration and there is native support. All I do is use a DHCP reservation for each thermostat so I don’t have to worry about IP changes impacting discovery and use the IP’s in the HA climate module. Radio Thermostats have a full REST API so they will continue to work long past when/if support is discontinued. The CT50 has 2 “USNAP” modules that can be populated with radios. They normally come with an included WiFi module and you can add a second Z-Wave or Zigbee module. I just use mine with the included WiFi module.

Just a warning though, they are some of the ugliest thermostats you can find. When I purchased them, looks were at the bottom of my list. I bought for price and the local API.


Looks are at the bottom of my list when it comes to thermostats, which is sad IMO. But yeah, Radio Thermostat is a good way to go for local control with Home Assistant. At least the thermostat supports multiple stages for heading and cooling, which is a good thing if I have a unit that supports it, including humidity.

Also a question about the forum: is it just me or has the forum administrator removed my photo of me from my profile? I used to have it there besides my name in my post and in the top-right hand corner of the web page. Looks like I’ll have to add it back manually.