[New Addon] DSS VoIP Notifier: Hassio makes phone calls to you! ☎️

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I’ve started a thread in the Development section but I fear that is not correct place…
I’ve made my FIRST addon for Hassio: DSS VoIP Notifier,

This add-on allows you to make VoIP calls from Hassio ad provides a way to transform a text in a audio file, make a VoIP call to a SIP url and play them to the attendee.

Let me know what do you think about and if you will find it useful!



Cool! Will try it :smiley:

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Hi @fillwe,

have you tested my add-on? Works well as expected?
Documentation is clear?

Let me know if I can help you.

Best regards

This addon is great!
It’s perfect for alarm notification.

I used messagenet as voip provider. Here is my configuration_:

  "sip_parameters": {
    "caller_id_uri": "sip:[email protected]",
    "realm": "*",
    "username": "XXXXX",
    "password": "XXXXX",
    "sip_server_uri": "sip:sip.messagenet.it:5061"
  "pjsua_custom_options": "--outbound=sip:sip.messagenet.it:5061;lr"

and as automation:

    - service: hassio.addon_stdin
        addon: 89275b70_dss_voip
        input: {"call_sip_uri":"sip:[email protected]","message_tts":"Prova messaggio"}

Great job @sdesalve


I do not run hassio, just hass and docker. How would I run this in docker without hassio?

Sorry, I think that is not possible.
I don’t know if you can run an add-on from HomeAssistant…
You can download and edit my run.sh script, adapt to your system, run it as a shell_command and make a call passing parameters…

Let me know if you will be able to make it work as you want

Have a good day

I should be able to run that dss software in docker though surely?

See FAQ:

Be aware that add-ons are only available in Hass.io, due to the way Hass.io is installed.

I know what a hassio addon is. What I am saying is that there must be a way to run the software in pure docker.

You can copy/fork his repo the use the dockerfile in a github repo that dockerhub can build for you.
Or you can build the docker image directly from his dockerfile.

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Ottimo addon!
Facilissimo da configurare e porta l’ultima funzione che mancava per diventare davvero una allarme in grado di sostituire la classica.

Sviluppatore sempre pronto ad aiutare e molto competente.

Great Job!


Yeah I am building up to that :slight_smile:

Still learning docker!

I must study docs, thanks. I don’t know how I can run a script in a docker from shell.
Thanks for your suggestions!

absolutely, can’t waitr to try it

No HACS is not for running separate applications or daemons, it is for custom components, lovelace cards, themes, python scripts and appdaemon apps.

Hi, I have a messagenet number (I forgot I had :smiley: ) which is +3906zzzzz
Which are the sip_parameters (sip:[email protected], what is xxx the username??)

Also the username is the "Numero interno: 53xxxx ? Or the username to access messagenet??

See attached image for username and other parameters for messagenet

Yes should be 53xxx

Thanks now its clear the username and password, but syill not sure about what to put after sip:

I check now with the username

EDIT: yes its the “Numero interno”

  "sip_parameters": {
    "caller_id_uri": "sip:[email protected]",
    "realm": "*",
    "username": "53XXX",
    "password": "XxXXX",
    "sip_server_uri": "sip:sip.messagenet.it:5061"
  "pjsua_custom_options": "--outbound=sip:sip.messagenet.it:5061;lr"