New Netatmo climate component supporting multiple thermostats/valves

I copied all code (5 files from dev branch, not the camera since I do not have any), the climate thermostas work perfectly, but my weather station disappeared: no sensor created

Mine works. Try to restart ha again. Sometimes the sensors don’t show up and I have to restart another time.

Also I have no camera but I also copied that file.

Soon we will delete the custom comp netatmo folder anyway (when in official)

the netatmo sensor, after copyed all files. not appear.
there is some problem.
climate work

check if they have new entity names.

E.g if they where sensor.netatmo before, they could be sensor.netatmo_2 now.

yes, same for me. CLimate there and works well, weather disappeared. Probably need to call netatmo2 the custom component

My wheater station and my home in thermostat don’t have the same name. Maybe this?

Did you already restart again?

Did you look if new entites with ending _2 were created?

when i out all the files in directory i lose on my home assistan all the other sensor like sensor.memory_free sensor.cpu_temperature and so on

This did the trick Now it is up and working again - this guide was easy to follow.

what are the operation that you have made?

which name are you referring to?
Yes I check all entities, there is no sensor from the weathe component of netatmo

EDIT, no they have totally different names in the netatmo app

Then you probably have to wait until @Baosong_Shan kicks in.

Probably you should use the master code of the other platform for Netatmo. Try and let me know if replacing with the following files helps:

I donìt know what happened, but all my sensor disappeared, all of them, in the hundreds.

I had to cancel in the netatmo folder

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also for me

Hello, if you dont see any weather sensor, try this simple thing. Comment “discover” in your configuration.yaml ->#discover and restart, it worked for me. Once you have done it you can put it back uncommented.

I did just this:

Let’s make everything simple! Just download all the files from and put into your custom_components/netatmo directory, then restart your HA. By this way you would be able to test the possible next release which includes this change.

With these lines in configuration.yml

api_key: !secret netatmo_api_key
secret_key: !secret netatmo_secret_key
username: !secret netatmo_username
password: !secret netatmo_password
discovery: true

platform: netatmo

And then I reconfigured my dashboard (I forgot that this is done with Lovelace)

sensor of weather station not work if i put this new files in custom components/netatmo

Hello, i have no idea what’s going on…Yesterday i had to restart my Nas, and since then, my HA says that image
my conf:

Path and files charged:


do you have updated hassio to the latest release?

I have an display issue with my netatmo thermostat. I’d like to see if this is a common issue for older thermostats (no warranty any more).

So would be nice if netatmo thermostat users could share their experience here: