New thermostat card

The new thermostat card shows in big numbers the desired value and in small numbers the current temperature.
The old thermostat card did it the other way around.
Can i configure this somewhere ? I tried to find out but I think it’s not possible. I really don’t like this.


You can probably change the font sizes with card-mod.

I see the same problem. As absolute beginner I do not know what that means with “card-mod”, sorry. I already looked it up.

Just as a suggestion: It should not be the idea to change things in such a strong way. It would be much nicer for users, when they have the opportunity to change things (here: the set value is bigger than the real value) on their own. That would be backward compatible and would help old users and the newer ones. Thanks for considering that and thanks to all people who are investing their time into making HA better.

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As explained in the release party youtube video a lot of design work went into making the new thermostat card work with small column widths. That is why it was delayed for a month after the more info pop-up card was released. It is extremely unlikely that font sizes will be made directly user configurable. That is why things like card-mod exist.

There are topics on the forum where you can ask for help with card mod.

Nice to hear.
I hope there will be more users who have this request.
In the meanwhile I will try to change it using card-mod. If you’re not familiar with it take a look at

As a beginner it’s not easy (like me :grinning:)

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Tried this but doesn’t work
Anyone ?

entity: climate.thermostaat_badkamer
name: Thermostaatkraan Badkamer
theme: clear-dark
style: |
  ha-card {
    --current-temperature-font-size: 60px !important;
type: thermostat

You can vote here.

I made a feature request.

I think some of the posts here missed the point above. The OP isn’t asking for a change, but to reverse one which was made, apparently arbitrarily and without due regard to usability.

I agree that making the UI work effectively on different screens is a worthy goal. But I have to ask myself: Why were the current temperature and set temperature reversed in the first place? Did anyone ask for that? Was there any logic to it? Or was it just a design change for change’s sake?

With things like this it would be better to get some actual user input before radically changing the design. A stylish UI is a wonderful thing, but not at the expense of functionality, features or usability.


According to the youtube release party discussion there was quite a bit of thought put into making it fit in narrow column widths. So I would say yes, quite a bit of thought was put into it.


Right. Great idea, I totally understand making it fit better!

But what about swapping the set temperature and actual temperature? That’s what a lot of users here are questioning. It would seem that if anyone put a bit of thought into that idea, it would have been discarded.

Apparently the users in the consultation group didn’t mind it.

Does anyone know how to remove the + and - keys with card-mod?
If I use this code, it works on the app, it works in Chrome, but on Edge they remain visible.

.buttons { 
visibility: hidden; 

I really like the new thermostat card overall, but very strongly dislike that set and actual temps are switched around. It’s great otherwise, and I like it better than the custom cards available in HACS.


My thermostat is controlled by appdaemon schedules, automations, and sensor data. I don’t care to have the lower and upper set limits the main point of attention when I glance at the dashboard. I already know what I have programmed for schedules and logic. It also looks weird to have both temps in the center like that, due to the fact that it is in auto mode year-round.

Having the actual temp the main point of attention also aligns with my physical thermostat behavior. It should definitely at least be an option to swap them, and arguably also the default behavior. In the United States at least, thermostats generally all seem to display the actual temp most prominently. It was also the default in Home Assistant before the update.

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I have the thermostat card on my wall display. I want to be able to quickly see what the temperature is from a few feet away.

If I’m adjusting the temperature I will be at the display, so those numbers should be smaller.


My user case is much like @sholdee and I echo his sentiments and add that I know just enough about programming to sincerely appreciate the time and effort that you all put into making HA what it is today. :star_struck:

I have 6 thermostats controlling 2 electric heat pumps and 4 electric resistance heaters within 3 separate buildings. Until now, it has been so easy to glance at the current temperatures and then make any adjustments to the set point if needed.

My main, Home Assistant control device is an iPhone 12 Mini and I am using the 2 place horizonal grid for the 4 resistance heaters. The current temperature is now unreadable without putting on my eyeglasses, which takes time and is very inconvenient in some situations. When I add the mode features, the buttons also don’t scale very well, in regards to the overall size of the thermostat control.

The full size controls for my heat pumps are at a very nice scale. I love the large sliders and the +/- buttons but… PLEASE PUT THE CURRENT TEMP BACK AT CENTER STAGE!!

No… seriously… PLEASE!!! :joy:


While the change did catch me off guard, the new design is almost exactly like the Nest thermostat. On that thermostat the actual temp is small and only show if it’s not the same as the target temp.

This all feels quite subjective and had it not been one way initially before switching I wonder if anyone would notice.

My issue with the new card is when I’m scrolling down through all the thermostat cards when I’m using my phone I accidentally change the temperature on a few of them since the area where it responds is so close to the edge of the screen. Any suggestions?

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This is realy, realy annoying (see below) and i simply can’t use it anymore. Does anybody know how to at least set the font size of the different values/texts in the card with card-mod?



Can you wait until the 2024.1 release?

It will probably be changed in that.



Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_tear: