New tuya on 2021.10 not working

Hi. I am new here. After today update i have problems with tuya. i am unable to connect-login… i have error 1114.
tuya Login error (1114) this ip(XX:XXX:XXX:XX) don’t have access to this API.

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Did you remove the old tuya integration and install the new one ?

You could also try this.

Thank you. I will try this.

OK. I make all the steps from and allis now working. Thank you.

Beware that it seems that not everything that was supported in “Tuya V2” is in “New Tuya”, yet.

I have a smoke detector that works in V2, but is not detected / supported in “New”.

I also am getting some very weird behaviour from this new Tuya addon. I’ve done some extensive testing and this is what I’ve figured out after a great deal of head scratching.

Firstly, let me say I’ve got everything set up in their IoT Platform and my device - a 4 Plug Power Board/Strip - is available in Home Assistant. This device was working without issue with the previous Tuya cloud integration.

Since upgrading to the new Tuya integration

When turning ON the plugs using Home Assistant, as you would expect

Switch 1 turns on Plug 1
Switch 2 turns on Plug 2
Switch 3 turns on Plug 3
Switch 4 turns on Plug 4

However, when I turn the devices OFF using Home Assistant

Switch 1 turns off Switch 4
Switch 2 turns off Switch 1
Switch 3 turns off Switch 2
Switch 3 turns off Switch 4

As you can imagine, this eventually puts the 4 entities into states where they’re literally unusable because the status of the plugs gets out of sync pretty quick.

Looking at the debug page in the Tuya IoT Platform site, I noticed this difference in the order of their ‘Standard Instruction Set’ and ‘Standard Status Set’

Screenshot 2021-10-07 231628

Screenshot 2021-10-07 231616

Might be a coincidence - but pretty strange that it aligns with the mixed ordering of the plugs when I’m turning the devices on and off.

Have you added in all the Data Centres to your project in the IoT Platform? I live in Australia, and China is by far the closest one of the listed data centre locations however my device only shows up if I select Central Europe as the data centre.

In this specific case, the issue is that V2 supported binary_sensors (like smoke alarms) while the builtin one doesn’t, yet

Same error here. I look the devices but dont work well. The device’s state dont update. The only way to update is restart home assistant.

Home Assistant just lost a lot of value in my eyes. The new Tuya integration turned out extremely hard to setup. Is this some new way HA wants to torture their users or is it the Halloween month spooky integration? I had to not only register with Tuya IoT platform and go through an extremely weird process to create a project, but I had to redo all my automations since there are 19 entities controlled by HA.

The switches are not updating status correctly. I turn off a switch and the status in HA goes to off and then back to on whereas the switch is off. The status is updating correctly in Smart Life app. One of the devices is shown in device list but is not shown in drop down list when I try to select device in action field in an automation.

HA did not test this integration properly. Not good. First time having a really bad experience with HA.


Same here. I also don’t see my devices on the “All Devices” tab as per the step five of the instructions. I’ll try a restart to see if that helps.

You can add all the regions to your app, my devices where on Western Americas idk why.

BTW my devices status on hass doesn’t update. I can turn them on, but keeps like off on the status page.
I have a smart strip and a wall lights double interruptor.

My setup is also exhibiting really weird behaviour. Think I was better off with the old integration. Have some pretty important automations attached to my device. Not sure how they’ll respond now.

This needs to be fixed ASAP. In the meantime can we step back to the original integration?

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I’ve actually raised my issues directly with Tuya via the Service and Support in the IoT platform. I imagine it is going to be in their domain rather than anything HA side. I received an automated response though that its a public Holiday in China at the moment though so who knows how long until I actually get a response.

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What I am reading is that a Tuya repository needs to be installed via HACS and then Tuya integration needs to be installed. Is this correct?

I am not even seeing HACS in the list of integrations. Spent hours trying to figure out how to install HACS. It just does not install.

That method is redundant now.

Just follow these instructions

That got too weird. I deleted the new tuya and installed the old one via HACS and unlinked my Tuya app from the Tuya IoT platform.

Now my power-board switches are working properly (once I figured out which switch was which). I might revisit the new integration a bit later.

For those interested, here be the link to the old Tuya integration…

I exactly followed these instructions but now having ton of issues.

I have installed the old tuya via hacs and can confirm it works.