New Tuya V2 Integration not reporting the correct status

I am running the latest Home Assistant (2021.10.2) and I reconfigured the Tuya integration per the updated documentation (Using Smart Life app). I have two Tuya Power outlets, and Home Assistant is able to trigger both with Switch.turn_on/off. The problem is that HA is not keeping track of the status of the plug. At startup, HA is able to tell the status of the power outlets. If I trigger the outlets either on or off, HA wil correctly turn the light on or off, but then the status of the light will go back to its original state in the gui. Then HA will not longer be able to control it.

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When you followed the install instructions, is there a chance that you didn’t complete step 6 properly? If you can control your devices, but states or not being properly reported, there is chance you didn’t properly authorize the “Device Status Notification” API.

You can still check (and add) this now though. Go to you Tuya developer account, click on “Cloud → Development → your HA project” and check the service API. Make sure you have the Device Status Notification authorized.


I’m also having this trouble, and i do have the device status notification configured correctly. Incidentally, HA wouldn’t register my bulbs without it.

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The same thing is happening to me.
I have the “Device status notification” API authorized, but after turning on a switch in Home Assitant - it turns it on, but the status stays as “off”. Sometimes the opposite happens, and it messes up automations.

I tried deleting the integration, created new tuya project, created new integration. The same results.

Any ideas?

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Same problem for me. Tried to remove tuya, restart HA and readded tuya again. Still doesn’t work.

Tuya Cloud and/or Integration (beta and release) are broken atm.