New Weather Radar Card

I wrote a radar card that used the Australian radar data a while back, but it was limited to being useful for Australians only. I have recently found a more global source of radar data that I could use so have now created a new global version. It is not yet in the Default HACS store, but should be soon.
For now you can install it into HACS by manually adding the repo.


Feedback welcome.


I’m sure many people will love this. Good work.

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This is great! Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you!

I released an update v2.0.3 earlier today that changes the default zoom and uses your systems location as the default map center.
Hope people are liking this card as I have put a lot of effort into developing it over the past two years.


Bravo this is perfect thanks for all the hard work to make this!

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I had to say a big thank you for this card. I went down the entire weather radar rabbit hole and discovered the rainviewer weather website. Thought - oh wow what a cool thing - then not 2 minutes later I discovered your card which is awesome. Thanks!

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V2.0.4 has been released

  • Adds the option to have a card title
  • Includes some extra attribution of data sources
  • Increases the timestamp size slightly

Thank you for making this so easy to do. I’m creating a fully kiosk tablet with this radar card full screen on the panel. I would love the option to remove the bar at the top and bottom so it’s all map at every edge. Or can you share how to do it in the code? Thanks again!

Excellent! And here I was just using the Webpage Card for Rainviewer. Yours is easier and nicer looking.

Sorry, but I won’t remove the bottom bar with the attribution to the other projects used to create the card. I could consider an option to remove the top bar, but since it is only 8px high it really doesn’t use a lot of space.

Yah the attribution is understandable - maybe overlaying it would be cool? How about an option to turn off the progress bar at the bottom too? I’m ok without it since the card seems so reliable at updating and running and the time lets you know it’s progressing if no precipitation is visible on the map