New widgets: input slider(horizontal and vertical), input select and light with brightness

if everything is correct these 4 new widgets will come in an future update from appdaemon/hadashboard
for those who want to test them before i made them available as custom widgets.


they can be found here:

if you want to change their appearance in a skin you need to add the variables to the variables.yaml in your skin
the needed variables can be found here:

now what its all about?
a pic says more then 1000 words so here it is:

input selects, horizontal and vertical input sliders.

in my skin it looks like this:


Ahhhh sh…lol that’s awesome,! I’ll set some up and test me out here later today. Thank you!

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U r my god! Waiting for this so long wow! Now it’s neat! Would just like having the color picker but so far amazing !!! Any date for new dashboard version ?

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Silly question but how would I add sliders for lights ?

i dont have a clue for when andrew will release something.
he is a bit busy right now.

color picker, oke, ill take a look at that.

sliders for light? these sliders are not for lights in light the slider is an attribute, these sliders are for when the slider is an entity.

i didnt think of that option, because i hardly use them :wink:
let me take a look at combining a slider and a switch to create a dimmable lightswitch.


Really nice job Rene :slight_smile:

I will be adding these widgets officially in the next version, no ETA yet, as Rene found a few other things I need to add to the widget API while he was working on these.


awesome! Which camera do you have?

before i try to combine things i think i need to look at popup screens.
because trying to fit a slider and a switch (or a colorpicker) in a (1x1) widget is almost impossible.

ill take a stab at it.

@kayhanbelek i have a foscam. (my camera project is in another topic)

yeah … popups are very interesting. I agree … and for non light sliders :slight_smile: but does the slider already work in latest appdaemon? i just updated to appdaemon-2.1.9

no as stated in my fist posting, you need to add the widgets from my github to your custom_widget directory

sorry i am with stupid today :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!

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Rene - lets discuss popups at some point before you do too much work. I’d like to build a model that works for all future components not just one - this is something I have been planning to look at but I’m really glad you are helping!

/appdaemon_dashboard/appdaemon/appdaemon is that the path i have to create the custom_widget folder?

the custom_widget folder goes into your conf dir

oh… dumb question: hw can i download just the custom_widget part in your repo?

ill create a lightswitch with brightness slider which takes a bigger widget format for now.
that can be usefull too.

@aimc i think we need to talk indeed, because popups wont be easy. i posted a reaction on discord

@thundergreen i am just as much a noob on github as you :wink:
i would probably copy the code and create a new file with it :wink:
or i would download it all and delete what i dont need.

thats all i can offer you right now, maybe someone else has a better idea.

ok… and how would i add this now ? did u write an example for this ?

no i didnt but its quite simple.

find where you have used an old input_slider and replace input_slider with new_input_slider or vertical_input_slider

so the widget looks like:

  widget_type: new_input_slider
  entity: input_slider.foscam_brightness
  title: Brightness


  widget_type: vertical_input_slider
  entity: input_slider.foscam_brightness
  title: Brightness

and for input_select?

something like new_input_select ?