Nice Automation Garage

Another way of having the garage under control.

The integration of Nice Automation into hass would be greatly appreciated.
The IFTTT with key service is also present.
Are there any possibilities?

Anything new regarding this?

Nothing at all, a real shame.
Now Nice has also incorporated fibaro.
It would be nice to have an integration.

That’s not how home assistant works, you don’t make a feature request and then expect that it gets implemented. A feature request MAY get the attention of the developers if it has a lot of votes, but yours has not even a single vote (you can vote on your own feature request by the way :wink: ), so it seems like the demand for this is almost non-existent. In addition you need to be aware that developers/contributors will normally not buy hardware just to get it integrated into HA. See this comment of a dev on the feature requests page. So you need to either be lucky that a dev owns the same device (which I assume they don’t as from the description I read, it seems to me that you can do all this with home assistant and other devices without needing the cloud of a third party provider.) or roll up your sleeves and contribute yourself or at least help a dev to do it.
Please be also informed that this is an open source project and all the contributors (except for the core team) sacrifice their free time to work on home assistant.


Hi, I agree with everything you say and what you say I had already read it … so maybe you could understand that mine is a complaint: absolutely not!
I used the word “shame” incorrectly (google translation), the right word is “sin” (“a real sin” intended as “it would have been fantastic to have this integration too”).
I’m sorry to have been misunderstood: since I discovered Home Assistant a new world has opened up to me and I will never be grateful enough to the developers and to all those who, with their posts and their works, help me build something truly fantastic that until recently I considered pure utopia.
Regarding your “roll up your sleeves”, unfortunately my knowledge is very close to 0 but I don’t despair of growing over time … although I would like to be 20 years old to be able to have more time … and maybe even change studies and work .
However beautiful your defense of HA: I join and apologize for the misunderstanding!


I’m sorry, I completely misunderstood you :upside_down_face: probably due to the word “shame”. I’m just too used to people posting here as I thought you were :slightly_smiling_face:

For your “nice” garage automation, I would suggest choosing another product/products to achieve this funtionality, as I hate being dependent on cloud services from third party providers (which is also the philosophy of home assistant, local control wherever possible). First I don’t want to share data with them, second I don’t want my smart home to need to be connected to the internet to work and third they could make a d*** move anyday and close their system to external software.
You may be able through somehow integrate the “nice” device into HA through the Homekit integration, but to be honest I have no clue as I don’t own any Apple product. If you still want to get it integrated into HA, you should first find out whether they have an Open API

Instead thanks so much because you gave me the opportunity to explain myself: who knows how many have misinterpreted (rightly) that “shame”.
I also agree with the speech not to depend on the cloud services of third-party suppliers: after buying some sonoffs 4ch pro and basic, the first thing I did was learning to weld (the bare minimum) and the way of tasmota for roller shutters, lights and alarms (great satisfaction !!!).
Unfortunately I inherited the “Nice Automation” of the garage before my knowledge of Home Assistant and I can’t afford a change at the moment. I’ll tell you, it will also be Italian but it works very well and for now I use it with ifttt.
The only cloud that I use is Nabu Casa, not only to make a very small contribution but above all because it is really great!

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Sorry, but as a native English speaker I understood “shame” in this context. (“I am mildly disappointed that this can not be progressed at this time” verses “they should be ashamed that they are not looking after the 3 people in this thread requesting this feature”)

‘Sin’ is a LOT stronger than this and infers a casual disparaging negligence.

I was happy with shame :crazy_face:

Yeah I’m not a native English speaker as you can see :rofl: When you translate “a real shame” to German, it’s hard to interpret it as a “mild disappointment”. Whatever, wouldn’t “it’s a pity” be more appropriate?

Ok, ok … I sprinkle my head with ashes and change the garage opening system :blush:… and from tomorrow I’ll study English and, above all, swear words …:wink:
It’s a pity, it’s a pity, it’s a pity

Gents, you judge yourselves too harshly.
The subtleties of any language usually require a native speaker. That’s why emojis can help reinforce a “non-malicious” intent :smiley:
However I have been often misunderstood my other native speakers, so I would always extend a little margin anyway. But given the fact that from syntax I knew you both not to be native, the margin has by necessity to be considerably more.
If you were relying on Google translate your efforts would be much poorer. So I commend you both on ‘correcting’ some of Google’s mangling. :+1:
Regardless your English is far better than my German / Italian etc.
No one should feel any guilt in any of this.

It really depends on context :crazy_face:

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As i understand you only need an apple device for the initial setup so anyone can barrow one even if they don’t own one. I will try to do it tomorrow and keep you updated on the progress.

I actually think this works by now. You can add the IT4WIFI to HASS as a homekit device. It takes some fiddling because you have to configure the wifi settings using the Apple Home App on an iOS device and after that pair it to HA…

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Hey @alexmpp, what was the result ?
Is the integration in HA was successful then ?

I can confirm that I made the IT4WIFI work with Home Kit Controller integration. As fimlgarage said, it is a bit tricky. I followed this procedure:

  1. Reset your IT4WIFI so it enters in Pair Mode. Follow vendor instructions.
  2. You will need an Apple device that supports Home Kit. I did using an iPad.
  3. Start configuring IT4WIFI with the Apple device: it should be detected nearby. iOS will ask you permissions to join the device to your WiFi network. Grant the permission as Home Assistant needs to actually see the device.
  4. iOS will ask you the Home Kit code of the device to finish configuration. HALT HERE AND DO NOT PROVIDE THE CODE TO IOS. Go instead to Home Assistant -> Configuration -> Integrations.
  5. Add a new Home Kit Controller integration. The integration should detect the IT4WIFI.
  6. When adding the integration, Home Assistant will request the Home Kit code and maybe it warns you that the integration will fail because there is an already initiated pairing process with other device. Ignore the warning and provide the code.
  7. Select the area and the integration setup is finished. You should be able to see the control of your Garage Door in the Lovelace dashboard.

Kudos to filmgarage for pointing this was possible and the Home Assistant team for the Home Kit controller emulator!

PD: I tried a similar procedure from Android device and it failed. It seems that IT4WIFI has two operating modes at pairing time: his own proprietary and the Apple Home Kit one. It is mandatory to start the process with the Apple Home Kit one, and the only way to do is with an Apple device. If you don’t have one, ask a friend with one to help doing the process or you are out of luck. After the pairing is done, you don’t need the Apple device unless you need to start configuration again.

PD2: Just remembered the device also supports IFTTT integration, so if you don’t have an Apple device, maybe you can try that one for Home Assistant integration.


Sorry if I’m a little off subject but I’m trying to find out if HA can control Nice blinds. Any clue ? thx

No, I’m sorry … it seems that the only possible way is to use an apple device for pairing as filmgarage and Karloch say. As soon as I get hold of an apple I will try … for the moment I use it with ifttt (poor, of course)

Why poor? Haven’t you been able to integrate IFTTT with HA?

In my case, I was not able to to make the device connection with IFTTT work properly, even without Home Assistant. However the Home Kit integration with Home Assistant is rock solid after years configured.

I confirm what Karloch writes!
I don’t use Apple but with a loaned Iphone everything is ok in a few minutes (and I didn’t have to use it anymore).

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