No longer a stable connection via duckdns domain

I’ll give it a week or so before I look at other methods/services. Luckily I still have the OpenVPN to my local but my widgets on my phone for entities that use the service don’t work.

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DNS propagation issues… I would say impact all of us. We better look for some bitcoins to donate :slight_smile:


I just create a domain with google domains, do you know if it’s possible to use swag with google domains? and another question, what kind of authentication did you use with let’s encrypt DNS or HTTP?

Anybody migrate their google assistant app. Any tips smoothly moving that over to a new domain, or is it worth setting it up by scratch?

Same here for the last few days - been pulling my hair out and restarting/updating (probably making things worse).

I guess I’ll wait for this to be fixed by duckdns :frowning:


I had the same issue. I switched to Cloudflared.

This has the advantage of the default Cloudflare integration (ddns, waf, etc.) but it also creates a Cloudflare tunnel, so no more ports to forward in your router!


Is there an lxc proxmox cloudfare helper script? I don’t use addons - only lxc containers.
Might have a look into it - thanks

possibly this one-

Have you got google home working with Cloudflared?

I’m not using Google Home at the moment. But I could give it a try, just to check.

But one user on Github is reporting that it is working for him.

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I haven’t switched to cloudflare because they don’t allow high traffic like video through plex. Amy other alternatives other than my own domain with LetsEncrpyt?

@everyone it seems i hot my connection back at Google home and control everything again with my voice!


duckdns seems to have stabilized here, no outages for about an hour.
Fingers crossed


Same here, it’s working again. But given the duration and severity of the issue, i don’t want to rely on duckdns anymore in the future. It’s not stable enough for what I expect in home automation.

Therefore, i’m considering the clourflare solution as described here: The Easiest Free Way To Do Home Assistant Remote Access! - YouTube
Does anyone has experience with this solution?

Anyone had luck with freedom?

I got stuck at this point after creating a domain with freedom and account with cloudfare setting up the cloudfare integration:

Unusable TLDs
Due to a limitation in the Cloudflare API, you can not use this integration with any of the following TLD’s:


Freenom only issues these so as far as I can see freenom will not work on HA following the youtube instructions

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I switched over to DYNU ddns, it creates certificates and all runs smoothly, but the official addon needs a download from github, an edit in some files and a local installation, duckdns is really shaky so even if temporary you need a solution to swap to.
Both alexa and google setups (without nabucasa) require simple steps to update the links but not easy to find, still need to open the tutorial on youtube to pinpoint the links location for each: Alexa needs both aws and alexa consoles accessed, google only the action console, ofc you need to reconnect each skill, but that is about it, I was also scared it would be much more action but it can be done in under 1h even with distractions :smiley: once ddns is up and running with certificate .
PS: it seems duckdns gets flagged more than others for phishing, I had a warning on my page that google later removed, but it happened at the same time other duckdns problems were probably happening, I got google to review and remove the warning, super fast incredible, but when they sent the email confirming duckdns was already hours full dead so I started to change the duck, hope they recover and not everyone needs to swap but I would not risk it, have another ddns on the ready, installation is not always just a click sadly, I did not try cloudflare, if it works out of the box use that.

Don’t know what swag is. But for your second question, I used http.
For http challenge to work, you assign a port in LetsEncrypt’s config (I used 8181), then on your router you need to port forward external 80 to homeassistant’s IP port 8181 (or whatever you used in config).

I switched to a free alternative Dataplicity (GitHub - AlexxIT/Dataplicity: Public HTTPS access to Home Assistant with Dataplicity service)

everything is set up quickly and easily

I’m really hoping that this is what’s impacting on my instance this morning. I have three duckdns sub domains, but just my long running and usually pretty faultless one for HA isn’t playing nicely this morning. Cert looks to have have been updated and no errors in the logs, but the Android app is constantly throwing “Unable to connect to Home Assistant” errrors and claiming the certificate (using the same key files as my other two subs) is invalid.

Nabu Casa coming in clutch.

I just set this up this morning as my DuckDNS is too unstable. Freenom wouldn’t register, so I bought a cheap domain name and updated the namesevers and followed ESH’s video. Works perfectly, no more open port on my router, so more secure all round. Highly recommended setup.


Having the same intermittent issues as the rest. My conundrum is that I use Google Cast - Home Assistant integration and some (most/all?) of these options don’t work well / at all with this.

Anyone have an alternate to DuckDNS that works with Google Cast?