NSPanel Pro with Wallpanel on Fully Kiosk Browser

Hello, I would like to share, what I could achieve on my NSPanel Pro (3x):
1st: A screensaver with HA wallpanel from HACS for status information:
2nd: Main screen to interact with HA, with several subviews:

It runs on V1.5 with Display sleep set to 30 min and Screensaver off
Fully Kiosk Browser (Keep screen on: off)
wallpanel starts after 30sec,
Seaky’s proximity tool to wake up the screen:


Great work, can you please share more detail on how you did that, also how can you update with developer mode enabled?

My first panel is still on firmware 1.33, the other two where updated before activating ADB. I did not try to update the older panel.
I created a dashboard just for the NSPanelPro. It is based mainly on Mushroom Cards cards and chips. But I use a theme from UI-Lovelace-Minimalist without the menus.
The screensaver is done with lovelace-wallpanel.

For the panel I followed Sideload Apps to Sonoff NSPanel Pro, Sonoff NSPanel Pro Secrets, Tips and Tricks
to install a launcher, fully kiosk browser and the proximity tool.
For firmware 1.5 it was just activating ADB and installing the apps. I did not update webview or anything else.
But be aware: By activating ADB (developer mode) you loose all support and warenty and you cannot update the firmware anymore.
But I am very happy with this solution that I do not miss the default eWeLink way.

I now went further and licensed fully kiosk browser.
No I can adjust brightness, screen timeout and screensaver of fkb.
At daytime I keep the screen on but lower the brightness with fkb screensaver, keeping the view transparent.
With lower light I set the brightness to a lower level.
At night I switch the display of.
Seaky’s proximity tool works fine with this and can reactivate the screen. But it cannot deactivate the fkb screensaver.
So at daytime two steps are necessary: Touch to deactivate the screensaver and one more to deactivate Lovelace wallpanel.

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