Open card based on trigger? I want to show the Ring camera when the doorbell is pressed

Is it possible to make the Lovelace UI respond to triggers, e.g. open a card? What I want to accomplish is this -

I have a tablet set up as an HA dashboard, showing the Lovelace UI, and a Ring camera. I’m really hoping I can get a system such that when the Ring doorbell is pressed, the HA dashboard opens a view with the Ring camera’s live view. The default Ring integration seems to support the doorbell event, and this thread suggests that live view is possible with custom integration.

Hi, for sure try starting here

The conditional card only appears if the given entity has the right value.

Thank you both! Both of these are super interesting and seem to address my needs. The conditional card looks a little simpler, though I can absolutely see myself using the browser control in the future. I somehow didn’t see the conditional card before asking. Awesome!

Also, this.
Like conditional, but more powerful.