OpenWeatherMap version 3.0

It’s the Weather Chart Card located here:


Bummer about OWM. For what it’s worth, based on @AJediIAm ‘s excellent comparison guide, it took me about 30 seconds to switch to Meteorologisk, which is free and requires no API key, just load the native HA integration and you’re off and running. Disabled OWM, problem solved. Bad decision to CC paywall a free tier in my opinion, their user base drop will be precipitous.

What a pity. Since years I have a nice collected history of weather details in my HA database, but I’m not willing to hand out credit card information to a service which is ‘never about to use it’.

I don’t care about 1000 API calls - 10 would be fine for me as well. But it seems they want to scare hobby users away.

Next week, the weather should get worse and then I will need to find the time to check the nice guide from above.
The only sad part will be that the streak of weather details will be lost. :frowning:

With what weather integration, besides openweathermap, can i make a air pressure chart like in the picture?

The top block is made with Meteorologisk. The bottom block, the air pressure chart (Luchtdruk in dutch), is made with the openweatehrmap air pressure entity.

type: vertical-stack
  - show_current: true
    show_forecast: true
    type: weather-forecast
    entity: weather.forecast_home
    forecast_type: daily
    name: Weersverwachting
    secondary_info_attribute: pressure
  - chart_type: line
    period: hour
    type: statistics-graph
      - sensor.openweathermap_pressure
      - mean
    hide_legend: true
    days_to_show: 14
    title: Luchtdruk
    logarithmic_scale: false

@fridolin that’s a good point about historical data for the weather sensor. I wonder if you could make a note of the sensor name, presumably weather.openweathermap if you’re using OWM, and after you delete it, rename your new weather provider sensor to match the old? Some trickery like that ought to be possible. Worth fiddling with :slight_smile:

Any integration with a pressure attribute in the “current weather” section of the Definitive guide to Weather integrations 🌦 (which is most of them).

BuienRadar is an obvious choice for Dutch users.
It has a lot of entities which might be a bit overwhelming at first. Just scroll through them and disable the once you don’t need.

Thank you @AJediIAm

At this moment i have Meteorologisk and Openweathermap integrations installed wen i search thru the entities only Openweathermap air pressure entity shows up.

It would be great if i could stop using Openweathermap all toghether and only use Meteorologisk for weather forecast and for the air pressure graph.

But Meteorologisk doesn’t seem to have a pressure entity.

I will test Buienradar next.

Unless you messed around with the default recorder settings, all your weather history is deleted after 10 days. Switch if you you’re not comfortable providing a CC - in a week and a half, you’ll be right back to where you are now with regards to history.

@jbishop129 Jepp, this is exactly what I had in mind. :+1: Just some time is needed, to identify what’s available and what could be mapped.

In the Netherlands we mostly use debit cards. I have money on the bank :wink: Up front.
I also build weather stations . With a LilyGO T5 4.7 inch e-paper display, ESP32 based. Connected to HA or/and stand alone. They still work for now.

Also build one for a person with a mental disorder. Who is ‘over the moon’ happy with the device. Weerstation named in Dutch.
The e-paper display is translated to Dutch. Also the moon phases names.

So hopefully there is a alternative way to pay for a subscription.
Maybe I drop Open Weather a mail or other kind of message.
Or switch to another api provider.

Is there a way to see and/or easily adjust the rate at which the HA integration makes API calls to OpenWeatherMap?


For italians: we can use the MeteoNetwork open data, but it requires some tricks.

Here is explained how (I’m not the author, I’ve only found it). It works, but there are NO FORECASTS. Only current parameters for your location. I suggest using the median for the location that MeteoNetwork provides as an API.

Yeah, changing providers, here. Definitely NOT putting my CC# into their system. BTW, anyone else see “OpenWeatherMap” and assume (like I did for YEARS) that it was “open source, aka free”? Nah, it’s the api interface they’re talking about being “open and callable”. Plenty of other providers out there that truly are free and I’m not running a weather channel, so I don’t need thousands of calls a day.

Did you ever get an answer to this? I would hate to hit the 1000 call limit at 6PM. One call every 3 or 5 minutes would be OK here.

Never mind…

Not yet, but I must admit that I haven’t taken the time to look deeply into the settings, myself.