Overkiz API and Somfy API

Hi ceriel, I have exactly the same issue (except for the language of error message). I double checked several times client id and client secret. In my configuration file I have the following lines:

  client_id: XXX
  client_secret: XXX

@ceriel @lindi I highly recommend you to use built-in application already configured for HA. Just remove the somfy node within your configuration.yaml. Their is no privacy issue with this.

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My gate is an IO gate (with Control box 3S)

@Marijn which Connexion do you have IO or RTS? I have Glydea curtains and Velux window. I know TaHoma can do them both but to expensive. Can you perhaps help in what direction I should go?

Hi all, I have the Glydea curtains, RTS protocol and also the Velux window IO protocol.
I don’t want to invest money in the TaHoma since HASS should do it all. Can someone explain me, help me what I should get to get both protocols working? I do see the Zwave protocol is supported too, so it should also connect to that protocol?

Again perhaps silly, but confuse what to choose?

Hi all,
We are working on refactoring the Tahoma Integration to make it better while Somfy work on their official api. Feel free to have a look here:



That’s a nice initiative. I will have a look and see if I can help.


Hi Tetienne, how do you mean?
I am not using the custom component and followed the implementation on the HA docs website.

As said in the documentation, you don’t need to create your app. Just remove the Somfy entry from your configuration.yaml and try again.

Hi Tetienne, thank you for the hint. Now I am able to integrate Somfy. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: Unfortunately, I can see only one device. But this is not primarily a Home Assistant issue since I also get only one device using the API function in the developer portal.

Maybe good to mention, I am not using Home Assistant cloud.
After removing the configuration.yaml and restarting the integration states I need to enter information in configuration.yaml.

Did I miss something?

Hello, I’ve been tired of Somfy API so I got myself a KLF 200 Velux box, but could not connect any Somfy IO device so far. Did anyone succeded with that? How to do that? Do I need to unpair the devices from my Tahoma box first and then try to recognize them via Velux web interface as a new device? I am not able to finish setup guide on Velux gateway as it cannot see any somfy device. I have 1 io light controller, a gate and garage door - all with io protocol. Thank you for any advice how to get them into velux.

Within the Tahoma website, in the settings you can forward your key.

Thank you! It works! :wink:

Hi Vincent. That’s great! Does it support Izymo transmitter?

Hi can you post on the other thread for question regarding that new component? I don’t want to pollute this one with unrelated posts. Thanks a lot!

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I just bought a Somfy Connexoon Hub and I set up the Somfy integration in HA but I cannot see any of my roller blnds. I only just read somewhere that the API is not open to Australia is this correct?

That’s right. You can contact their support to claims it’s a normal situation.
Meanwhile, you can try the Tahoma component.

So I can contact them and ask them to unlock it for me is essentially what you’re saying?

Note he’s not saying that it will work…