Overkiz API and Somfy API

Could you give https://github.com/iMicknl/ha-tahoma/archive/feature/support_connexoon_rts.zip a try? You need to unzip the package first and put the custom_components/tahoma folder in your custom_components folder.

I just tested it with the account of someone from Australia and it worked like a charm!

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OMG, it works!!!
You legend!
Thanks you so much.

Is this in HACS?

not yet, but if it’s confirmed to be working, it will be released soon.

We just released v2.4.0 of the Somfy TaHoma integration to HACS. (Release v2.4.0 · iMicknl/ha-tahoma · GitHub)

Bonjour Tetienne,

Concernant la diffusion de la video des cameras de surveillance, est ce que cela est maintenant disponible au sein de HA ?

Egalement, j’ai des gestionnaires de chauffage dans mon interface Tahoma pour des gainables de PAC HITACHI, et egalement des prises connectees de la marque SOMFY. Ces 2 types de modules ne sont actuellement pas exposes par la Somfy Open API via la methode device list. Savez vous s’ils vont etre ajoutes dans la Somfy Open Api et seront ils integres dans HA ?


At the moment, support is quite limited in somfy’s official API. But you can have a look at this one for larger support: Tahoma Integration Refactored

Thanks, I will have a look at this Tahoma component.



Many thanks, I have finally succeeded in installing the Tahoma custom component (not so straightforward for a new user of HA :slight_smile: ).

I have almost all my Somfy devices, but the climates, a remote and the tahoma button are missing, did I miss something ? Should they be manually declared ?:


Best would be to discuss this in the Somfy TaHoma integration topic, to keep the discussion here about the Somfy integration via the official API. The readme offers guidance on how to approach devices that are currently not working yet.

Hey, this integration no longer works for me after updating to the latest version 1.10.1 (connexoon rts Australia). I get an Auth error :frowning:

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I guess you are using the Somfy TaHoma integration and not the Somfy integration from core?

If true, please continue the discussion in the right topic Tahoma Integration Refactored - Share your Projects! / Custom Components - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io). I did create an issue on GitHub, feel free to add your context there as well.

Sorry, it’s working, I had a senior moment and wasn’t picking the right hub when logging on. Thanks for your great work :+1:

Don’t forget to change your interval to a high interval (like a month) via the options. This is something we should do by default in a new version.

I tried on my tahoma box with the homeKit pin code from tahoma custom components (as I don’t have this code on the box).
I never paired this tahoma with anything before this attempt, but I have the same error (M5: not an error or a proof).
I tried to reset it with the RST hole on the box, but I get the same result. I don’t have an iphone (nor an apple account), so I can’t try the instruction given at the end of this thread.
Did you succeed to pair your box ?

hi, though I did a search, I didn’t find the exact issue I am facing: the official Somfy integration sees all my IO roller shutters, but doesn’t see my IO garage door.

Is this a bug, or a ‘feature’ :wink:

The CC https://github.com/iMicknl/ha-tahoma sees the garage door fine, as I have installed it on my experimental system. Production system uses core only for now, so please let me know if I can find a way to see the garage door there too?


This, unfortunately, is a feature. The official Somfy API only supports a few devices, thus there are no options to add these devices.

The Somfy Tahoma integration uses their internal API, which means that all devices are supported. We are in the progress of adding this integration to core, but in the meantime you would need to use the custom component.

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ok thanks Mick, good to now. CC is working just nicely!
Any idea when this will be merged into core?

Second big diffenrence I notice, is the updating of the CC is much more responsive than the current core integration? Taking a long time for the position to be updated using core, while the CC is quite swift. Though only for 0% and 100%, it doesn’t update while opening/closing?

now that I have you here: what does the alarm_control_panel.alarm do in the CC config? I dont have a Somfy alarm, and yet this device and entity was created.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pair the TaHoma Box with homeassistant via homekit controller. Even after the latest Somfy Update, it still doesn’t work.

This still could take months, since there is a huge backlog of contributions on core. For now I would just use the custom component and watch the changelogs :slight_smile:.

This is correct, their official API is very limited, thus the experience with their internal API could be significant better.

This is disabled by default, since many users don’t use a Somfy alarm panel. However, there is no way for us to understand if Somfy Protect is enabled or disabled unfortunately. This is the reason why it is included, but not activated.

I am afraid that this won’t work soon. We are not sure if this is a limitation in the homekit_controller implementation in Home Assistant or if this problem is on the Somfy implementation.

Cool, thanks! Any chance of the CC being able to update ‘live’ while opening/closing? Ive made an automation and template sensor for my Ikea cover doing so, and would have hoped the Somfy integration to have that built-in…

      friendly_name: Stookhok position
      value_template: >
        {% set position = state_attr('cover.raamverduistering_stookhok','current_position') %}
        {% set state = states('input_select.raamverduistering_stookhok') %}
        {% if state == 'Stationary' %} {{state}} at {{position|int}} %
        {% else %} {{state}}
        {% endif %}

  alias: Cover stookhok
    platform: state
    entity_id: cover.raamverduistering_stookhok
      {{trigger.to_state.attributes.current_position !=
  mode: restart
  max: 35
    service: script.raamverduistering_stookhok
      old: '{{trigger.from_state.attributes.current_position}}'
      new: '{{trigger.to_state.attributes.current_position}}'