P1 meter, which one?

Ik zou voor de zekerheid dan deze kopen: Slimme meter wifi gateway - SmartGateways.nl

Heb zelf geen ervaring met draadloze p1 verbindingen.

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I personally use a P1 to USB cable ordered from Aliexpress, plugged in my Raspberry Pi running HA.
But this is only suitable if your HA server is placed not to far away from the smart meter, probably not for you.

The advantage of using the SlimmeLezer will be that you’re not dependent on the manufacturer, which will be the case with Homewizard. If I am correct Homewizard does allow local readout, but you do have to use their app to activate this. This could be a problem if the company discontinues their products in the future.

Maybe have a look at which configuration is needed for both and which of the two is preferred by you.

But I think both are fine to get the data in Home Assitant. The ethernet version of SlimmeLezer can come in hand if the Wifi reception in the cabinet isn’t great and ethernet offers better stability against wifi.

BTW there is also an ESPHome version of the ethernet bases P1 readers by Marcel Zuidwijk.

I would go for the ESPhome version if you want Ethernet, a bit more easy to configure, basiccally plug and play.

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@Johanf There should be no issue with WiFi because the Google WiFi access point is also located inside the cabinet (meterkast). So, I guess the original SlimmeLezer Plus should be no problem. It’s ESP Home version.

My only concern now is about that bug 13505, which has not been resolved yet. Do you use HA Energy Dashboard?

And thanks for reminding me about the proprietary things with HomeWizard, I didn’t know. I think I will definitely skip this product.

HomeWizard does have an enable-toggle for the API pure for security reasons. Besides that you will get things like warranty and support. They are working on a better method to enable the API without using server-side stuff or other things that “can be turned off”.

They (me included) are even working on a toggle within Home Assistant to disable the cloud if you like. Bumb python-homewizard-energy to 1.4.0 by DCSBL · Pull Request #85114 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

But I am a bit biased as integration maintainer, it is up to you what to pick.


Not exactly, what you looking for, as the distance in your situation is a player.
My HA server is mounted near the energy meters in the same cabinet. I use this: https://www.robbshop.nl/slimme-meter-kabel-usb-p1-1-meter?sqr=meter%20kabel to my full satisfaction.

Maybe there is a way to use something like a raspberry to collect the data and pas it to your HA.

Or, you can place your HA server near the meters and find a different solution for your media player… That’s the route I have chosen. HA server is standalone serving only home automation, but connected to several Volumio players around the house…

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My only concern now is about that bug 13505 , which has not been resolved yet. Do you use HA Energy Dashboard?

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. There is a topic mentioned in the Github thread The OP said he didn’t get is working at the time, however he didn’t wrote at a later time if his issues were resolved. Someone else said he saw improvements after a HA update.
There aren’t any other people reporting similar problems in the thread on github or in the forum topic.

However The SlimmeLezer is by Zuidwijk is widely used, with good reviews and is actively maintained. So it probably is fine.

I use the HA dashboard, however with a USB cable to the p1 port, no problems here.

Be careful not to place it to close to an AP or router. Those antenna’s do have some dead spots (every antenna does). In those area’s the signal is too bad to use. Place it some further away and it works fine.


I use Slimme meter wifi gateway - SmartGateways.nl for nearly 2 years now, and I’m very happy with it.
Easy to connect, easy to use, easy to integrate, easy to… you name it.
And for 1 year now I use https://smartgateways.nl/product/slimme-watermeter-gateway/
Both gateways work like a charm.
Can’t say more.

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@complex1 Do you also use HA Energy Cards/Dashboard with it?

Energy Cards - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

Yes, but a screenshot says more than words.
This one is taken from yesterday.

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This is an actual overview.

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Ook ik gebruik de smartgateways.nl oplossing naar volle tevredenheid.

I bought one, added to HA, and I got values like below. How do I read that values? I mean, how to interpret those numbers. They are big numbers which I have no idea.


  1. Day / night tariff state
  2. Day counter total of energy consumed from grid since installation
  3. Night counter total of energy consumed from grid since installation
  4. Day counter total of energy returned to grid since installation
  5. Night counter total of energy returned to grid since installation
  6. Momentary power consumption from grid - 119 W
  7. Momentary power return to grid (shows only value, when you produce more, than consume)
  8. Gas counter total since installation.

2, 3, 4, 5, 8 are the numbers, you will also see on old school analog meter, these numbers the distributor uses to make your yearly bill…

Well, it looks like you got the settings right, those numbers look very normal…

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Ah good stuff.

Most of the numbers are totals from your Smart meter. It’s the same data displayed on the smart meter when the button on the smart meter is pushed several times. Home Assistant will use these to make up hourly, weekly, monthly data etcetera. And “Power consumption” is the current consumption: 119 watts in this case.

Did you already set up your Energy dashboard as well? If you open it on the left bar, then you can set Electricity and gas meter consumption entities, and production if applicable. When set, Home Assistant will make up an energy dashboard with diagrams.

see: Energy Cards - Home Assistant

Yes, so far, I set like this below (I don’t have solar panel / battery / etc.). I hope that’s correct :slight_smile:
Any tips or things I can change/add?

no, no changes. It’s just fine like this. :wink:

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Glad to read you have managed to setup/install the SmartGateways P1 meter. :smiley:

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I have the Smart Gateways P1. Trying to connect to it does not work if the device is outside the room where the accesspoint is in super enoying. Is the maximum range of the device so poor? How far from accesspoint is your device?

Both gateways (P1 and Watermeter) are approx 12 meters away from the access point.
My access point is located in the living room and gataways are located in the meterkast at the end of the hallway.
If you power up the P1 gateway with an external power supply, you can extend the range a little bit.

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