Pet Feeder

Hi all,

Does anyone have any pet feeder recommendations? I have 3 cats looking for something for water and food (dry and or wet)

Having a HA integration is required,

I can’t see much on the market

Any update? :slight_smile:

Aqara C1 will be supported by ZHA in v2022.12.

Cool, I’m looking for one with double bowl AND camera… Seems hard to find, lost double bowls lack the camera, maybe because of the wide angle…

Only found petlibro, but no ship to EU

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I ended up getting PetLibro stuff but no luck getting HA working. Anyone have any leads?

try localtuya, working great

where are you stuck?

Probably not 100% what you’re looking for, but this is a very reliable feeder for 2 cats.

Brand is WellToBe

There is a smart version of it, but we have the dumb version. It’s very hackable though, so adding an esp to the main buttons and the emptiness detector would give you the relevant functionality.

When we’re on vacation we combine it with an esp cam that’s half a meter above the feeder. 2 bowls/cats indeed makes it an issue to get both cats into the frame when the cam is closer.

i have this one with build in cam


Pet Libro works through tuya integration.

Havent figured out how to monitor food level

I’ve been using the range of SurePet Connect devices - feeder, felaqua for water, pet door/cat flap.

The integration is built in to HA but there’s also another one available. See discussion.

Depends what you are looking for in a feeder - these keep the cat food fresh and keep the dog away from it, but some of the others suggested are more about portion control.

I’m stuck here.

I have no idea what Tuya is and what it has to do with my feeder. I installed the add-on and I wasn’t sure what to configure since I’ve never used Tuya or heard of them before this adventure!

So, Step 0 please? :slight_smile:

(note: I’m a computer science person, with millions of hours of experience with API’s and JSON, I just don’t know what tuya is and how to set it up for Petlibro!)

Hey! Do you have info for how to get started with Tuya? I can’t find any links or tutorials and I want to link my Petlibro!

Tuya/smartlife is the app that you probably use for your device? In HA you can use the Tuya or the localtuya integration to control those devices, I suggest start reading those docs

Nope! Petlibro has their own app, I’ve never heard of Tuya until I got on these forums unfortunately. I’m assuming its the white label electronics on the inside

Ah, ok, well try the Tuya/smart life app for adding the device? If not then you need to sniff the petlibro app how they send the commands and simulate it in HA

Manage to get anywhere? Also just got the same PetLibro feeder but not sure where to get started with the whole Tuya thing

Did you ever figure this out? I bought the petlibro before even getting into home assistant and know I see that it might be possible but with a different app?

If you are still looking for how to get the Petlibro feeder (camera version) then you can check out this link for more information on how to get it added to HA.

Petlibro have two different apps. Looks like they are moving away from Tuya.
Petlibro lite app is Tuya.
Petlibro app unknown to me.

I did have a PetLibro PLAF103 V1. It was officially “PetLibro Lite” App (looks like Tuya). I was able to pair it with standard Tuya. Tuya allowed Alexa and HA integration. It worked really well.
Due to a bug with the buttons on the device, I had to send it back.

The replacement is a PetLibro PLAF103 V2. Officially “Petlibro” app, this app doesn’t look like Tuya. Tuya app does not pair with the V2.
Although the device works great through its own app, I cannot integrate with HA or Alexa.

The PetLibro PLAF103 V2 connects to an AWS IP in the US using MQTT…
Destination Name:
Port 1883

Is there anything I can do with that info?
I can packet capture and I can set rules on my firewall to forward the traffic to anywhere I want i.e. HA