Philips Air Purifier



Anyone tried integrate Philips Air Purifier model AC3259/10 with HA ?


I’ve got the same model. HA integration would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Below interface from official Air Matters app:

I can help with testing what data is being send via network, even using wireshark or something like that.
However I’m not sure if there is any official API


Fan Speed


any news i would love to see philips air purifiers on hass


I am also very interested in this, but wouldn’t know where to start. Any ideas?


you can vote for API integration with Home Assistant on Philips innovation portal


Tried accessing the innnovation idea, got access denied.
A while ago I was trying to integrate philips air purifier with Alexa smart home service, however found out that all API calls are encrypted. Unless something changed in the recent past this can only be done with Philips support…


Yo! :slight_smile:
I started working on the protocol a couple of days ago and after extracting the DH keys and using google I have found this :smile:

It works with all my air purifiers.
So we need to vrap this up into a Fan component :slight_smile: