Please add time check details for Conditions in trace / test

Since, in Automations, it is possible to specify a minimum time for a Condition to be true (hours, minutes, seconds) it would aid in debugging if the trace would show whether the condition failed because of insufficient time or whether something else was the cause.

Eg. I set a condition state ‘on’ for 5 minnutes.
The trace should show

result: false
state: ‘off’
wanted_state: ‘on’


result: false
state: ‘on’
wanted_state: ‘on’
duration: '‘00:03:22’
wanted_duration: ‘00:05:00’

Possible for conditions but not for triggers.

The automation is not triggered until the time is met, how would you generate a trace for an automation that has not yet triggered?

I understand the logic, it should be limited to conditions so I have edited the topic accordingly.
I would like to add a request that these details also be shown in “Test” when editing an Automation, as well as in Traces.

Re: Test.

When editing an automation, one can click on the “Test” option and a message “Condition passes” “Condition did not pass” is shown. In most cases it is easy to comprehend why the condition has passed or failed, for example the state might be “off” when the condition calls for it to be “on”.

However, what is less obvious is when a condition has a “for (duration…).” component. It is impossible to ascertain from the message text whether the condition is false, or whether it is true, but insufficient time has passed.

In order to make creating useful automations easier, instead of simply showing “Condition did not pass”, the text could be “Condition did not pass: 00:01:21 of 00:02:00 elapsed”

Not only would this make it explicit that the condition would have succeeded, had sufficient time passed, but it can be a useful guide for calibrating the correct duration.

This is so annoying ! Imagine trying to fine tune an automation, and you go through all the conditions clicking on “Test” to see which ones fail. And you have various conditions that have a “for hh:mm:ss”.
there is absolutely no way to tell if the condition is false, or if it is true, but insufficient time has passed.
Or maybe you want to see which of several conditions will pass first. Impossible to do.
This is basic information regarding the condition that absolutely ought to be displayed.

You can always look at the entity history.