Plug and light sensors compatible with conbee2 and deconz


I’m using deconz with a conbee 2 and some temperature and humidity sensors.
I would like to add some plugs, and a outdoor light sensor.
(i need to have a plug who act as a zigbee repeater, i’m not sur they do it all ?)

For people who have the same config, which one do you use ?
The idea is to be sure to buy something compatible.


I can confirm that the Xiaomi Lux sensors are compatible with DeCONZ and run fine.

From what I heard regarding plugs, INNR plugs sound like the best plug that act as repeaters.

The Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor is very reliable. Also the Osram Smart+ plug is also very reliable.

I use them both using deconz and the conbee II stick.

Does the sensor provide a light level and is it accurate?
If OP only wants a light sensor, then I’d say the Philips motion sensor is overkill (and overpriced :))

Does the plug act well as a repeater, from what I heard they don’t route well.

I haven’t calibrated the Philips Hue motion sensor, but is quite good I think. For only light level usage it’s undoubtedly overkill.

Yes they do act as a repeater. If you want a repeater, you can always use a lightbulb or an Ikea Signal Repeater as well.

thx for the tips …

i think i will take the INNR for plugs, and maybe an ikea usb repeater.

do you know if the ikea tradfri remote control is also compatible ?

Yes, they are, I usem them as well.

Yeah, I know that they do, but are they good at it? E.g. IKEA bulbs are pretty bad repeaters for Xiaomi devices.

Yes, it is.

Indeed. I use mostly Philip Hue lightbulbs and some Ikea signal repeaters.

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hi, could you say me if the motion sensor can act like a switch even if there is no motion detected ?

For exemple, using it with the zone and activate the some light when your smartphone is in the zone (even if you are not in the motion detect range) … but also using it like a normal motion sensor ?

The motion sensor is separate from the light, they are not connected to each other. The lights are turned on by an automation when motion is detected, but you can also turn on the light at a specific time, or when you are in a zone or whatever. However, you need either a smart light bulb or a smart light switch for this to work.

yes, ok … i see

di you know if there is some motion sensor that can be connected like a classic motion sensor ? directly in the L and N cable ?

the idea is to replace an existing classic motion sensor,

I never heard or saw any out-of-the-box device that does this AND can be connected to HA, DIY should be possible. Can you not make the light “smart” with a switch or bulb?

Not in my case… I need to keep the classical switch… I’ve make another post talking of a somfy stuff who maybe could work for me if compatible

There are some behind the wall switches that can also connect a legacy switch. Most of them are rebranded/cloned(?) Sunricher devices. Mine works just fine with the conbee2 (using OpenZHA, not deconz).
However, as far as I have read, the connected switch does not make the device announce its new state via Zigbee, which makes it kind of uninteresting imho.

I keep hearing this but I don’t know if it’s true. I can personally say that I have Xiaomi lux sensors, multi sensors and window sensors. They all have no trouble at all with my IKEA bulbs or repeaters accessing my ConBee II

did you know the somfy wall switch ? see this post if yes please ? ==> somfy izymo wall switch

Did you check the mesh and are the sensors routing through your bulbs? Just heard from many people that they have issues.

I’ve ordre 2 INNR plugs.

If you want i will make a follow up here for the repeater “quality” when i will receive it