Power Distribution card

Hello, I’ve built a Power Distribution card based on the official “historic” Energy Distribution card supplied by HA. I’m open to suggestions or PR, but it meets my needs.


2022-04-28: Original announcement
2022-05-09: Due to a conflict with an existing card of the same name in HACS, this card is now named Power Flow Card, I don’t like it as much, but is what it is without being a mouthful. HACS isn’t fully updated yet.


Nice. Though that’s power, not energy. And I can’t find it in HACS:


HA! Obviously I don’t remember my schooling. I’ve renamed the card. It’s been submitted for inclusion as a HACS default card, I’m not sure how often they update the list, but it seems like there are several weeks of pending additions. It can be installed via HACS manually until then.

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Well exactly what I am looking for :wink: so thanks for your work!
I see you use 1 grid sensor. Grid: entity providing a state with a positive value when consuming and a negative value when producting.
I do have a separate sensor for grid consumption and a separate sensor for grid production. Any possibility to separate them?
It’s available on HACS, but you need to search for “energy” (and off course first add the repository).

I’ve made a suggestion on github about it.

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I’m currently using this power flow card: https://github.com/reptilex/tesla-style-solar-power-card

It has a lot more options and can use two grid power sensors. I particularly like the ability to monitor a couple of other big loads in the house (hot water and ducted heating in my case).

Unfortunately it does not look as nice as this new card by Ulic and also occasionally has some rendering issues, though the developer is re-writing it.

Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 12-52-31 Overview – Home Assistant

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I tried to keep the initial design and configuration as minimal as possible. I’m not opposed to adding more features like the additional appliances or what not. I’m already in the process of an option for separate grid consumption/production.

Full disclosure. I don’t even have energy/power monitoring in my home. I built this for my sister to use, so my first cut was trying to keep it dead simple.


Don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t a criticism of your card at all. I like it and very much appreciate you sharing it and understand the issues of “feature creep”.

Is the possibility of monitoring two or three house loads something you would be likely to consider adding in the future?

Hi @ulic
Great news :+1:t2:
If you want I can do testing for you.

And it’s absolutely great to see it fully matches the HA core energy card :ok_hand:t2:

My initial go was just represent the same set of data points as the HA Distribution card. I’m not opposed to the idea of adding a couple of items that “hang” off the home. This is just a recreational project for me, so I work on it as I have spare time. I’m open to pull requests from other contributors.

Works well, just what I was looking for as the Engery Distribution card is giving a running total, which I don’t care about if I just want to check if I can turn on the washing machine and be using solar.

One request, is it possible to copy the Energy Distribution card and have an option to have a link at the bottom of the card that goes to the Energy dashboard? Even if you have to punch the URL in yourself.

Using the new version for some days now and it’s absolutely working great! Also the separated grid production and consumption sensor are perfect!
Thanks for your hard work.


Love your work! I use it now for my energy overview.

But… I don’t use is for live values, but to get a view of what I produce/use per day.


So for live view the extension of “kW” is correct, but when you use it to monitor historical values it should be “kWh”.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards

Is there a way to change this?

There’s already a built in card for that.

type: energy-distribution
title: Energy Distribution 
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Yes I know, but as stated in my post the calculation is not correct for me.

What calculation?

It is not designed to show energy, only power.

If you want energy, use the core card, like I said.

Thanx for fast reply, but that doesn’t give correct numbers.

It does work with this card, only kW instead of kWh. But if that can’t be changed it’s ok, was just a question.

Did the change myself, just edited the js file :slight_smile:


So again, thanx for replying.

Yes, the core card does give correct results for energy. If you are seeing something odd then there is probably an issue with the way you have set up the Energy Dashboard.

Apparently there is a naming conflict with an existing card in HACS. If anyone has any suggestions for an alternative name I’m all ears.

Also, the next feature on the horizon is support for both W and kW unit input and configurable display of those as well.

Power dashboard as opposed to Energy dashboard?