Radios (Matter, Zigbee, Bluetooth) over Ethernet for those of us using VMs

Hey all,

Home Assistant Yellow seems like a great thing (If you can get one). But for those of us using wanting something a little beefier and using VMs its a little harder without USB passthrough for the radio devices.

I already have a TubesZB Zigbee Coordinator for… Zigbee lol, but what of the other PaN type radios.

Is there anything like HA Yellow that just does the PaN radios? Has anyone figured out USB pass though to VMs (while still using HASOS)?

Or should I just give up and buy a NUC lol

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I had BT active in that one. Not sure it was actually working though. It’s a nice guide regardless

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Thanks, I’m running hyper-v

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I’m using USB passthrough for Zigbee and BLE with VirtualBox and HASSOS with no problems.

My issue is Hyper-V, but im going to move to workstation I think.

Seems to be the best solution for hyper- users. They can run at the same time

For ease of USB usage, you should think about ditching Hyper-V. It’s a real pain to get working and IMO not reliable.

Having used VirtualBox and VMWare Player, VMWare Player is far more stable and robust. However it’s a little harder to get HA (With USB) setup and running.

As a matter of fact, I use VirtualBox’s tools to get the USB MFG and Product Keys for use in VMWare.

See here


Im thinking about moving to ProxMox. But that may take a while so in the meantime im going to try using VMware Workstation. You can use both Hyper-V and Workstation at the same time from what Im reading.

I’m using proxmox with usb pass through, and I think there is a limit on how many usb devices you can pass through… and I think I’m at that limit of 5 :frowning: It might just be a GUI limitation but I have no idea where to go about bypassing that limit.

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

So looks like workstation does not work concurrently with Hyper-V when using Windows server. Going to move Home Assistant and a couple of others over to ProxMox hopefully this weekend.

See how we go lol