Recommendations for monoblock climate controls

Hi guys,

summer is approaching in Germany and I was recently searching for a good climate control solution. Since I am renting the flat a split device is not an option.

I am wondering if there is any good solution to use and integrate with home assistant?
I checked for several for of this options:

I set the filter to App enabled which basically means also WIFI.
But when going through the results and checking the availability of HA integrations things got difficult quickly.

For example:

  • LG PA11WS → There is a github project which rebuilds the API. But only v1. The current version is v2. Also cloud is needed AFAIK
  • Klarstein Kraftwerk → for the Klarstein split device there seems to be an app which makes this possible: Klarstein Air Conditioning integration please?. I have no idea if this works with the split device

There is also the possibility to use SmartIR I guess this would work on most devices, but when buying a new device the much more beautiful solution would be a WIFI device which could directly interact with HA (or at least with a cloud connection).

Have I missed something? I am very happy about every feedback.

Hallo rootiam,
after few months of using this integration (you quoted my previous thread) I can confirm that Klarstein (with Gree+) integration works perfectly.

Thanks for your reply!

I am just not sure if this Gree+ thing works also for other Klarstein devices? I was looking at this one:

Is the app Klarstein shows on the website above the Glee+ app maybe?

One question for the Glee+ app. You install this one once for connecting the climate to the Wifi and then you don’t need it anymore, is this correct?

Hey there!

I just got my Klarstein Kraftwerk on Tuesday, and the app they show on their website is their own Klarstein App, and as far as I know there is no HA integration for that (yet?)

You can however use the Smart Life / TUYA App to connect the AC to HA.

The App Controls in the Tuya App work flawlessly btw, you kind of miss out on the schedule function (auto turn on/ off/ mode change based on date and time) but other than that it works well!

Sadly the integration via the Tuya Cloud Service seems to be not functional at the moment, at least I wasn’t able to get it going right away.

I also didn’t manage to get the AC connected to Gree+

So I guess for the moment it’s Tuya or nothing

I will be playing around with the Tuya integration a bit and see if I can get it working

Hope you stay cool in summer!

Ive owned s Klarstein Kraftwerk Smart since Last year.
Yesterday i flashed it Witz esphome.
Tuya hot recognized, only the Datapoint mapping have to bei done.

To flash it you need to unscrew the top, follow the White cable and disassembly the ESP. Need to bei flashed with an ftdi

If anyone want i can write a guide


Hi I think I’m going to buy a Klarstein Metrobreeze and i hope that your method would work as well… I’d love if you could writr a flashing/integration guide! Thanks in advance

Please do. Would love to see if everything works.

Hallo, yes Gree+ app is used just to first connect of AC to wifi, then you can integrate it to HA and never (until some wifi adapter failure) need to run it again.
I guess it shoud work for all Gree+ things that can be paired into Gree+, so I would recommend you to search for support of you device with Gree+.
BTW I also found EWPE app what looks similar or almost the same as Gree+ - I guess different names for different continents or so… so you might also give a try to EWPE.

Please do write a little guide


I bought a Klarstein Kraftwerk Smart 12k and was also not able to integrate it into HA so far.

Which apps work:

  • Klarstein
  • Tuya Smart

Both apps support the Wifi button “fast blinking” and “slow blinking” modes (SmartConnect vs. Access Point connect). The Access Point of the Klarstein is shown as “SmartLife-XXXX”. Both apps support also all the features. Adding it to one app removes the devices from the other one and vice versa.

Apps I could not make work:

  • EPWE
  • Gree+

Both apps are somehow the same. Adding device via SmartConnect does not work. Adding it manually using the Access Point mode does not work as well.

The Tuya integration via the Tuya IoT Platform works as described:

but in HA it only shows one entity:

which is:

The entity offers:

but nothing works, even switching on or off do not work.

I really wish there was a really working integration. @VB_Master I am really interested to know how you managed to get it work with the Gree+ integration.

I have exactly the same Problem. It works fine with the Smartlife- and KlarsteinApp, but in HA nothing happend, when i switch from “off” to “heat/cool” :triumph::expressionless::man_shrugging:t2:

Yepp, it is so frustrating. It is somehow both a Tuya and Gree device inside. As the Klarstein uses the Tuya cloud and somewhere else I read about Gree components inside.

At least i have build an scene in Smartlife, where temperature, speed,… was set. This scene is available at the alexa app by using the Smartlife skill.
In home assistant i use the alexa Media Player integration to activate this scene. It isnt the finest way, but it works. :grin:

alias: "Alexa Routine : Klimaanlage an"
  - service: media_player.play_media
      media_content_type: routine
      media_content_id: Klimaanlage an
      device_id: c746d251f5c7869e5bf233a2e9e89c57
mode: single
icon: mdi:air-purifier