Restart every midnight HA - ConbeeStick disconnected

Hi there,

since a week I noticed every morning that my zigbee devices arent connected with my ha.
My setup:

  • Synology DS220+ with virtuell machine (DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 2)
  • ConBee2 Stick connected to syno
  • HA (2022.2.6 / 5.10.98)

HA is every midnight not availabile (restart?) and some minutes later the system is online.
Then the ConBee2 stick is disconnected at the VM - I switch the status to connect the stick again.

Is that problem known?
Or can somebody tell me, how I can fix this issue?
Read the logs of HA or syno?


Nobody an idea?
Yesterday I restarted all systems - today the same issue with the disconnet from the ConBee Stick…

Which log entries are in deconz addon log?

In my case I had the conbee 2 running Rock solid on an pi 4b. Since I moved everything to the odroid n2+ HA + deconz addon I had two issues where deconz was offline.

After restart of the addon All was working again.

The log was full of:

failed to reconnect to network try X

Don’t know if this is the same on your side and if it’s the same issue?