RFLink over WiFi best options

No. It’s ‘baked’ in the integration to only support one RFLink. There is a topic on it on the forum. Even if I copy all the Rflink files and put them in custom_components, and change all references in the python files from ‘Rflink’ to ‘Rflink2’, as soon as the files are there HA does not start any more.

hmm… any chance to have a link to that topic? :wink:

Here are some :

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I got it working also but I went the ‘lazy’ route. In node-red I’m sending the raw data received on the mqtt topic to a port which is then connected by rflink from HA.

just on a side note re usb dongles… my server is not in a good place for my usb zwave and zigbee dongles… so I’ve got them plugged into a raspberry pi in the middle of the house and I share the two usb dongles back to my ha server using usbip. Google it, the devices show up like any other locally connected usb device and thus far has worked flawlessly.

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I’d like to do it this way too, can you point me in the rifght direction please?

Many thanks in advance!

Yes sure.
I took the serial output from the rf link, and send that via mqtt. This is connected to a TCP out link in node red, and from there you can connect HA. but I guess only one is supported like written above.
In node red I don’t know if this limitation

Would you be able to share the node-red flow for this?

Also which program do you use to convert the rflink signal to mqtt?

For the program to convert the signal you can use for example this https://github.com/Phileep/rflink-to-mqtt
Or this https://github.com/SensorsIot/RFLink-MQTT-Gateway

The node-red flow is pretty simple, a mqtt in node connected to a TCP out node. I can share the flow next week if if you want.

Edit. I’m using the second program actually