Ring Doorbell "Camera Previews"

Hello Gurus

Recently the Ring App introduced a new features section, which has “Enable Camera Preview Tiles”. Within the app, this changes your landing page “Dashboard” to tiles that have semi-current picture from devices without going into a live view.

I wonder if this is something that the Ring component can tap into then used on a lovelace card.


Nice. Didn’t notice that new feature in the app.

Should be doable if we could locate the api for it :slight_smile:

Has anyone looked into this yet? I noticed the latest android app uses certificate pinning so wasn’t able to mitm the api :frowning:

Try to add to your lovelace config

eg lovelaceui.yaml:

  • type: picture-entity
    title: Front Door
    entity: camera.front_door
    camera_image: camera.front_door
    show_info: true
    tap_action: dialog

Then in configuration.yaml:

  - platform: ring
  username: xxxx
  password: xxxx

Thanks, I’ve already done this with a glance card. Unfortunately it pulls the first frame from the most recent motion capture, it does not poll and pull a real time image like their App does.


True, I haven’t fixed live view or near live view yet. If I do (not a priority) I’ll post here.

Any update on live preview?
I could really make use of it. Is there anything I can do to speed it along?

If you using the following in lovelaceui.yaml it shows the first frame of the last recording and the ability to replay it by hitting the camera icon

  - type: picture-glance
    title: Front Door Last Motion
      - camera.front_door
    camera_image: camera.front_door

Seams its been added to the PyPy lib https://github.com/tchellomello/python-ring-doorbell/pull/108

Just need to hook in to HA ?

Looks like it was merged 4 days ago, I’d suspect it would be available in 0.90.0 of Home Assistant.

0.90.1 still is referencing python-ring-doorbell 0.2.2 and the snapshot is in 0.2.3. I’m not sure if it need additional changes to the HA component to take advantage of it besides revving the version.

This will require more code changes than just bumping the library, I just submitted a PR to bump the library but the snapshot will be trickier. Seems there are some issues reported in the main library as well around it. I also suspect live view will need to be enabled on each camera in order for it to work.

Keen for this as well, it’d be perfect for facial recognition stuff

Any news on this?

Would be great to have. Just got a Ring Doorbell 2 for the holidays which has the hourly snapshot images.

I thought HA would just support this out of the box, or at the very least, it would be an attribute on the entity that I could create a template entity off of.

Please add support for snapshot images in Home Assistant! :camera: :heart:

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As I understand it, the limitation is imposed by RING, not Home Assistant

@tsimons78 Is there documentation online to support this?

I remember seeing it mentioned a few times on the forums (between here, and facebook)

What I wonder is if they will give access to the new random snapshot feature. …I get not being able to query for a snap, but I wonder if they will make their random snaps available because they’re already taken.

As a bit of background, when I chased Ring, I got this reply, I have no idea who they are “continuing to work with”:

Joshua Roth [email protected]
Fri 10/01/2020 02:24

  • [email protected]
    We’ve been working with the Home Assistant open source community for a few weeks now. As you know, this is not an approved Ring system, nor is it using Ring approved Partner APIs. We will continue to work with folks to get Home Assistant to a place that works with Ring and meets our security needs. Hopefully you’ll stick around as we truly value you and the community support.
    Joshua Roth
    Chief Technology Officer
    [email protected] 310.925.2643

He’s working with balloob the creator. There’s really no reason for users to be contacting Ring for this.