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Rollease Acmeda Automate Pulse hub integration


I also had to email [email protected] in order for them to ‘reset’ my account. After they did that then I was able to configure IFTTT properly. I can now use HA via IFTTT to control my shades. I can also control them with Google Home, again using IFTTT.


Just FYI, I have received a bill from FedEx today for the custom fees… $100!!! :rage:


I used USPS for shipping which comes in Canada via Canada Post and got dinged for ~ $40. $30 for HST and $10 processing fee.
At least the hub works ok.


Hello all -

I have managed to make a blind go up and down under the control of some Python code. A long way from there to having HA integration, but it’s a start! I’m wondering about doing a ‘rollease2mqtt’ so it could be used with other systems too…

I’m about to go away for a couple of weeks, but if anybody else wants to play, I’ve put some notes and test code at https://github.com/quentinsf/rollease-acmeda .



Nice! Every project has to start with the basics and expand from there. I like the idea of making the integration universal via MQTT.

I noticed that someone has been working on an OpenHAB binding for the blinds as well:

Also, it would be great if the battery level could be retrieved.

Thanks for posting your in progress work, if I knew Python I’d love to contribute…


I think that this would be fantastic. I’m not a Python coder but would be happy to help in testing.
thanks for your work.


I too have this issue with ‘no options found’.

I’ve just emailed them. I hope they can help! I spent a lot of money on the blinds.


I cannot speak for the support outside of Australia but the team here been very responsive when my account needed to be re-synced.

They’re working on resolving the issue as the process should be automatic but seems to be a bit buggy at the moment.


I live in the US and just had some Rollease Acmeda motorized blinds (with RF remote) installed.

I’d love to get the Automate Pulse hub and do what people are doing in this thread, but it seems that is a product available only in Australia. Has anyone found a place to buy it in the US?

If not using the Hub, has anyone successfully controlled their blinds using anything else, like the RM Pro+?


I live in the US and have the Automate pulse hub. I purchased it from the Shade Store (it is a rebranded version). It works great with both Alex and IFTTT (except when the rollease service goes down).


Just received my hub. It installed nicely and works great from the app. Was able to connect to the IFTTT service but can’t work the triggers because my scenes won’t populate into IFTTT.


@ddkilburn Unfortunately, a known “cloud” issue they’re working on. You’ll need to contact Rollease support to have them reset your account manually so the scenes load.

Also, anytime you change scene names you’ll need to have them reset it again. See backposts on this forum for some history on it.

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A bit of a delay here, as the company who were installing our blinds went bust and left us with half an installation. But I have enough to experiment with what we’ve got; will try to get around to something soon!


has anyone successfully controlled their blinds using anything else, like the RM Pro+?

After many attempts I did not manage to connect my Rollease Acmeda blinds with the Broadlink RM Pro+.

I dont know if its me, the Broadlink RM Pro+, or maybe the type of RF the remotes use… :frowning:

See this forum:


But I have enough to experiment with what we’ve got; will try to get around to something soon!

Hey, I am very interested in this project.

I’m a beginner python programer, and would like to help any way I can.

Let me know how its going, Thanks.


I wrote a HASS component for this using serial about a year ago, but its a bit unstable, I haven’t worked out how to handle collisions or verify a command was received. I also have to poll the status of each device to get their position, because the serial protocol only communicates status changes done through serial.
My biggest frustration has been the API doesn’t allow for a way to query connected devices, you need to hard code the devices.
Shall I setup a GitHub project? if others would like to improve it.


actually if anyone wants to play with it, I uploaded it to git