Rolling windows for history page?

I’ve tried searching here and GitHub and didn’t see anything pop up, so hopefully this is a new feature request.

I would love to see the ability to set rolling windows for the history page. There’s two ways I would love to see this implemented and I would be happy with either.

  1. Static values that get changed when you load the page. So the rolling window in the URL, but is static once the page loads. This is probably somewhat odd behavior, but I feel like it would probably be easier to implement in code.

    So it works exactly as it does today, except when the page loads it has to convert some relative time code -7d or whatever, into a timestamp range.

    I’m not sure what the answer is for the open end of the range. Personally I would want the end value to be in the future so that the history graph continues to update. But that is probably a tough question to answer. Or maybe it could just be all ranges get converted to their relative start value, but the end value is always end of day.

  2. True rolling window in both URL and front-end. So the URL would store the rolling window and when the history page loads, the data that is outside the scope will just trail off, just like it does on a history-graph card.

Personal reason: I like to create a bunch of mini-dashboards and views via the history page. I realize this is probably a misuse of the page because we have dashboards. But I just like the ability to very quickly throw together a list of entities, a time range and I’ve got a quick view for various things. It also helps me keep from cluttering the main UI with a bunch of dashboards that are not very important.

My biggest issue is that the URL stores hardcoded date values for the range. It would be nice to see something that can store relative time. I’m sure there’s already a common library for this sort of thing, but just as an example, instead of storing a full timestamp, it might store -5m, -3d, -1h, etc. Or maybe you’d just stick with the hours_to_show attribute like used in the history-graph card. However, since the history page allows finer detail (5min intervals rather than 1hour), I’m not sure if that’s the right answer or not.

Have you seen this?

It can even be used to replace all your more-info pop-ups.

I definitely haven’t, thanks! I will check this out today.