Secuyou bluetooth patio door lock integration

There are few patio door locks/handles out there that can be called smart. One that I have looked at are the Secuyou (only in Swedish and Danish…)

There are an Bluetooth API:!AGEhcKnHPPAwNic&cid=9304E74B8BC982F7&id=9304E74B8BC982F7!739632&parId=root&o=OneUp

I just thought that this could be interesting for someone to look at. I do not own the lock yet but I will most likely buy one soon and then I will see what I can do.

That would be great. I just got mine, but havent got around and installed it yet.

I am looking to buy this lock as well. Would be great if you can post here if you reach any progress on integration with HA.

I dont know how to use the API to create an integrationen. Is there a guide for dummies or newbies? :laughing:

@fn87, have you invested in a lock yet? I have just installed mine, and it would fit a family with adults just fine. But with kids it’s complicated. If they are alone at home and don’t have the app installed and connected to the lock, they can’t open it. Another issue is if I come home and it’s locked and connected to a another phone I can’t connect to it and therefore I can’t open it myself. That’s supposed to change with coming firmware updates (add so up to 4 people can connect simultaneously - now it’s only one). I’ve been thinking about having a cheap old phone lying around and always connected to the lock - and somehow control it using Tasker and maybe HA. I don’t know - would be great if we helped each other here with ideas. Especially since we both swedish guys… :slight_smile:

I haven’t. I do not see Bluetooth as a smart home communication protocol so I am hesitant to begin with. I still hope for a Z-wave, ZigBee or WIFI (worst case) lock showing up.

I would most likely be able to hack something together for the API but motivation for a purchase is not present…

Found this if anyone is interested GitHub - joymyr/RemoteLock: Android project for remote controlling bluetooth locks

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I have just bought and installed this, since it’s almost the only one of it’s kind on the market. I wanted it for the capabilities of auto locking when we are leaving, and the possibility to unlock the door from the outside. But it would be awesome to have in Home Assistant to automate locking at night and seeing the status of the lock along with my other things.

Should probably be an easy task to integrate with the bt api, I will have a look at it when I have time, but I can’t say when that will be… :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you tried this?

Nope, haven’t convinced my self to let BT into my already messy home automation world.

Now im asking you the same question, have you tried this? :smiley:
I am going to buy one of these and was thinking of creating something to bridge the bluetooth to MQTT, i recently did the same for a turnable TV mount which is also using bluetooth.

Have you started with anything? If so it would be great to collaborate and not start from scratch!

Have gotten so far as to order and get esp32s but no further unfortunately! Haven’t had the time yet. But would gladly collaborate

I have now tried to configure a ble_client_sensor to try and read the status of the lock, but I just realized that I need to give the five number code to the lock in some way to connect to it… Don’t really know how to proceed right now, but I’ll keep trying things. Perhaps a custom component is needed to solve that. I would love some help on this!

I have also reached out to Secuyou to see if they would be interested in a collaboration to make the lock compatible with ha. They do have this as a question in their faq, so I guess they get the question often enough to put it in there… Hopefully they could see the benefit from this.

The funny thing is that it isn’t mentioned at all in the api documentation.

I hoped that it would only be an app security and not something needed for a bridge. Does the BLE client fail if you hardcode the mac address of the lock?

Haven’t though about that, but I would hope that it requires the code to connect to anything, otherwise it would be very insecure? But I have also noticed that there is nothing in the documention in regards to the code… I don’t know how old it is though? Maybe a newer feature?

I’m not sure what happens, how do I try this out? The sensor I tried to make returned undefined but then I got to thinking about the code and stopped trying to make it work without!

From the Esphome docs

This component does not (yet) support devices that require security settings (eg connecting with a PIN).

Even though it is not listed here, i believe it also is valid for this.

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Probably. That’s a bummer, but thanks! I guess the next step then is to look into writing a library for an esp32 without esphome. :frowning:

I know a lot of people use the ESP32 to connect to their BLE soil sensors, but they probably do not require a passcode/pin. :frowning_face:

I don’t know if it is possible to extend the current Esphome component to support passcode/pin. Here is a link to the ble client in Esphome:

I would personally just use a RPI zero and then write a small python server that connects to the lock and then forwards the info to an MQTT server.

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