Seeking advice: Best multi-split air conditioner for Home Assistant integration (Netherlands)

Hi everyone,

I’m considering purchasing a new multi-split air conditioner for three bedrooms on the first floor of my house in the Netherlands. Due to the climate here, I’ll likely only use the units for around three months during the summer. However, with climate change, the usage period might extend in the coming years. As I suffer from hay fever, I’d prefer split units with filters that can trap pollen. I’m interested in high-quality brands like Daikin or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Heating isn’t a concern, as my house is relatively new and well-insulated, and we have floor heating via district heating. I don’t use heating in the bedrooms. My home is equipped with a KNX system controlled by Home Assistant, but my heating system is separately managed by Honeywell thermostats in each room.

Now, my question to the community is: Which air conditioner is best for controlling with Home Assistant, preferably using local control without relying on a cloud API? I can opt for a KNX version, but from what I’ve found, the control functions seem limited. Ideally, I’d like to integrate the air conditioner with the heating system.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice from the community and want to thank you in advance for taking the time to share your valuable insights.


Many of the big brands are controllable via a module that connects to KNX or modbus.

I can opt for a KNX version, but from what I’ve found, the control functions seem limited.

The module that connects to a AC acts like a display. You will be able to do everything, so no idea what u mean by “limited”, integration the AC into your heating is simple with automation that you setup yourself.

Intesis has many gateways for many brands, even if it cannot connect wired there are IR gateways that in essence replace your remote.

Daikin is something we use in our office and the big units connect via an Intesis module. The smaller spiltunits however work via the cloud, there is a project around here to replace the wifi module with an ESP device tho.

The connection is going to depend on the indoor unit, so research that. Keep in mind that most “smart” wifi indoor units require some kind of cloud connection these days, so wired option is best if you can get those.

I would go for esphome with a midea branded AC

You will find a list of supported models here

I use 2 Olimpia Splendid’s here in the Netherlands (with I ordered from Italy, as they were cheaper there (free shipping :smiley:)).

Thank you for your tips, since I’m not really familiar with the brand Midea and I prefer to choose a more established name in the air conditioning realm, I think I’ll get a split unit with good KNX support and connect it to my hass system. It’s a shame that AC integration is still so difficult, are there any things I should pay attention to with a KNX module for an AC unit? I assume it can use the unit’s internal thermostat for each room and report these individually to hass?

@K3vin LOL, Midea is a standard for AC’s on which many manufacturers base their interface.

Amongst the manufacturers that that use it (besides Midea itself ofc) are:
Artel, Bluestar, Bosch, Carrier, Electrolux, Inventor, Mitsui, Olimpia, Pioneer, Qlima, Samsung, Toshiba, Zanussi and many more

You couldn’t be more wrong, sorry to say! :laughing: Midea is one of the three biggest producers for home appliances, like A/Cs, in the world. :wink: They have around 150.000 employees and had a revenue of more than $30 billion in 2021. :open_mouth:

You should really look up some informations about Midea in general, before you make your decision. Eg. Toshiba Home Appliance was aquired by Midea for half a billion in 2016, so Toshiba is really a Midea. :slight_smile: Not relevant here, but Midea aquired up to 30% of the worlwide known robotics company KUKA in 2016 as well.

Really, everything aside, chances are very, very high, that you will get a Midea device anyway, branded with whatever name. Carrier rings a bell if you’re in the US?

I have experience with both, a Midea unit with ESPHome, and a ??? unit connected by KNX at a friendshome. I personally would always choose the ESPHome way. Simply because it’s much better supported and you get kind of a good value for your money. KNX is nice, but expensive! And in my opinion offers very little, if any, advantages compared to ESPHome and Midea.

Your choice, but I can practically guarantee, you’re better off with a Midea unit and ESPHome. :slight_smile:

PS: :laughing: Just to make sure: I’m not affiliated with Midea in any way, nor do I sell A/C units. :rofl: