Sengled LED bulbs and hub with HA

I came across this Sengled kit that comes with a hub and and some bulbs. They have decent reviews and it looks like the kit goes as low as $28. The hub connects to the network via wifi and the bulbs connect to the hub via Zigbee. I see some posts about the bulbs, but not the hub. Does anyone know if the hub can wotk with HA?

I can’t answer your question directly but…

Is there a reason you want that particular hub?

If not then I recommend buying a dedicated zigbee controller stick and buy the Sengled bulbs separately.

That is basically my setup and it works great. I have the HUSBZB-1 stick for my zigbee controller and the Sengled bulbs work perfectly with it.

And I’m pretty sure that the Sengled hub needs an internet connection for it to work. The HUSBZB-1 connected directly to the Pi bypasses the internet completely so your functionality isn’t hampered by a bad internet connection.

It may cost a little more in the end but I wouldn’t even consider doing it the other way to save a couple of bucks.


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Yeah, I considered the USB thing, but the cost is just so much better. Basically around $10 vs $40. But it’s looking like the Sengled hub doesn’t have a component in HA, so I might consider just getting the USB stick or maybe a Wink Hub.

I picked up the starter pack with 2 bulbs and a hub, would be good to use the hub as a Zigbee gateway with HA .

Here is some info on the device:

  • Plug into network via cable, use app to configure the hub to connect your WiFi network
  • Device is a generic Realtek router with web interface open on the IP address given by your router
  • Hidden page allows you to run commands - http://x.x.x.x/syscmd.htm
  • Running ‘telnetd -l /bin/sh’ in the page above starts telnet, you can use tftp to transfer files to and from the device
  • The Zigbee portion seems to be controlled by /bin/sengled_gateway_app and /bin/sengled_startup
  • running ‘flash all’ dumps a fair bit of info about the device

I have made a dump of the firmware and explored the filesystem but that is about all I have the knowledge for. Sharing this info in case anyone else wants to muck around, if you want a particular file or command output let me know.

Hope this is useful in some way, will post anything else useful that I find - at the very least it is easy enough to turn the hub into an AP if there is no other use for it.

Sorry about the links, new user.

Relevant values that can be written with ‘flash set VARIABLE_NAME value’ (sanitized)


Next, capture traffic sent to

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Any advance with it? I also got started kit and I would love to integrate with HA. Yesterday I tried to login on the “” with SENGLED_GW_SIGN, SENGLED_GW_TOKEN, SENGLED_GW_USER_ID without success, I’ve also monitored the traffic with tcpdump but not interesting, maybe we will need to use something like sslstrip

I too am really interested… is there anything that could be leveraged from this project:

Thanks for the link! I’m currently running Homebridge with Homebridge-sengled on a Kali-Linux VM and that exposes my Sengled Hub+lights on the HomeKit API which Home Assistant then picks up. They only appear as switches for on/off status and have status update lag of up to 60 seconds, but better than nothing and now I can turn on/off lights via Home Assistant Automations.

And here’s a more direct method: The CC2531 zigbee USB stick is only like $4 on ebay (does need a special programmer or an ESP8266 board to act as one to flash the firmware), then it works with Home Assistant via

So, not much to replace the Sengled Hub we don’t have direct control of.

I belive SengLed devices will play nicely with the native ZHA integration as well.
This, like ZigBee2MQTT, opens you up to a whole range of ZWave devices with direct local control via Home Assistant.

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I couldn’t find what HW this hub uses is it realtek ? Did somone disassembled it to know what’s inside ?

Did anyone ever make any progress with your Sengled hub? I picked one up today and it’s running firmware v4.3.9 and it looks like they restricted the web interface. Was curious which Zigbee chip it had on it and if it could be hacked to run zigpy/deconz/zigbee-shepherd, etc

Highly doubtful as the Zigbee radio type isn’t even specified on the FCC certification. I know it uses a Realtek chip for WiFi and Winbond for memory, but the actual Zigbee radio is still a mystery.

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I see this Kit today in the shop at very small price of 22USD for HUB and 3 Bulbs - and i was not able to handle and I buy it. Even i didnt check if is any integration with HA, now i’m testing,but will leave hub behind and start use it straight with Zigbee USB Stick.

But now also wondering if any integration of HUB with HA?

This hub passed FCC Certification:

All info is here:

yesterday i open this hub and is exactly like

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So it is a EM357 chip! That would work with bellows/zigpy/ZHA if it could be rooted.

no dev kit required for this job?

I think this can work,but will not look nice:

I also did some sniffing last night and I can see where the mobile phone queries the sengled servers for the firmware of the hub. Wonder if we can just give it a generic openwrt/tomato type firmware

The firmware for the hub is listed here: