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Any road map to expand dynamic lighting to “adaptive”/“circadian” to also modify the color temperature?

Did you change that for the time option only or also for the night light conditions - sun elevation option?

I think a nice default (or optional setting) behaviour would be that when the sun sets the current light entities state is not changed, only the next time the lights are turned on the nighttime settings are used.


You need to have a switch that has an ON and OFF state. Most buttons do not. I have 2 blueprints that you can use with your aqara zigbee mini button. First you will need to create a toggle helper and use that in the by-pass. On how to do that Click Here . Then depending on your aqara zigbee mini button (how it reports state when you push it) use my :nazar_amulet: Press Button - Turn ON & OFF Entities blueprint if it has no state or if it has a quick ON/OFF state use my :eight_spoked_asterisk: Toggle Switch - Turn ON & OFF Entities blueprint. You will then enter in your aqara zigbee mini button in and then in “Main Entity” enter in your toggle helper.

Hope this helps.

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I normally don’t like to say anything, but you will notice there is only one enable option in dynamic lighting so the selector is set up already.



All changes are done and tested, you will see soon as I am updating now.

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New update 5.0

:warning: Some changes have been made to the sun elevation settings in normal lights and night lights. If you use the sun conditions then when updating please check and set your elevation settings. It is not a breaking change.

New Feature :new:

Added Sun Elevation Falling & Rising :sun_with_face: - Now you have a falling and rising sun elevation setting for normal lights and night lights. This will give you more control for your sun elevation. Falling is at sunset and rising is at sunrise. Hope you like it :+1:

Code Change :broom: - Remove time delay to falling sun, ambient high lux value and the end time triggers. They now will turn OFF with no delay.

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Hello, I have a question please, I am using an Aqara fp2 sensor, with multiple zones in a room, and have created the same bypass entity for every zone. I am trying to achieve the following :slight_smile:
When I turn the by pass on, it stays on as long as I am in the room (General presence detected), but if I leave the room, and no presence is detected for 10 minutes, it turns the light and the bypass off.

Please note that with Aqara FP2, there are presence binary sensors for each zone of the room (for which I created a separate automation with it as a trigger) and a binary_sensor presence for the whole room (No automation have been created for this presence binary sensor).

Is that possible and how to achieve it pls ?

my plan is to have the lights:

morning wake up lights (06:00-sunrise): dimmed to 50%
bright day (sunrise to sunset) 100%
evening chill tv (sunset to 22:00) 50%
night (22:00-06:00) 20%

at bright day no lights if ambient sensor higher then 70 lux

So my movement sensor is sometimes partly hidden behind some stuff, so it won’t always react to movement in the area, and sometimes it’s easier just to click the switch rather than moving the stuff, but I still need it to turn off as if it detection motion.


Not sue what your doing as if presence is detected the light will stay ON and then you put in a time delay of 10 minutes. There shouldn’t be the need to use the by-pass for this.

Are you controlling the same lights in each automation?

This is your problem there is no condition for above sun. Try this on the latest version 5.0

Automation 1

  • Global time = 6 am to 12:00pm
  • Lux sensor = min 60 lux & max 80 lux
  • Brightness = 100%
  • Night lights
    • Time = 6 am to 10 am
    • Sun falling -1.5 rising -4
    • Brightness = 50%

Automation 2

  • Global time = 12:00pm to 22:00pm
  • Lux sensor = min 60 lux & max 80 lux
  • Brightness = 100%
  • Night lights
    • Time = 17:00pm to 22:00pm
    • Sun falling -1.5 rising -4
    • Brightness = 50%

Automation 3

  • Global time = 22:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Brightness = 20%

Let us know how you go.

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So you can use a by-pass to keep the light on. You will have to turn it ON and OFF yourself or have an auto off enabled. By-pass is in the FAQ

Q: By-pass 101 - Every thing to know about the by-pass and how to use the “Trigger Sensor By-pass” without having a physical switch?

A: Please Click Here

A good starting point is to read “The Settings & Best Practice Guidelines” Click Here.

That is the problem so you may have to move it to a better location or add another one.

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Thanks for your repy. No each automation controls one light in a zone of the room. I have a one minute delay between each zone, and the light stays on after this one minute only in the zone where I am. However, sometimes I need all the lights to be on in all the room, so I need the bypass to tell it to stay on.

No it will not do this. You could do a simple automation to turn the bypass OFF for you if no presence is detected for 10 min. If you use the same by-pass in all automations you can use the auto OFF option to turn it OFF if you forget. You will only need to do that in one automation.

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Many thanks for your reply. I have tried during two days to make a simple automation to turn the bypass off if no presence, but no matter what I try, it does not work as expected. For exemple, the issue I had is that the automation to turn off the bypass if no motion was detected for 5 minutes was stopped/interrupted as soon as a new motion was detected during these 5 minutes (If I came back and left again before the end of the 5 minutes). I wish I could find a way in such situation to make the 5 minutes countdown start again.

It seems to work now, I made two separate automations, one to switch off the lights if no presence in the whole room , and one to turn the bypass off when the lights are turned off.

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for reply.

By-pass is definitely a cool feature but it does function completely opposite of what I’m trying to achieve here:)
I want my switch function just the same as if the sensor detected movement, that’s all.


You could try this if you are keen… note I have not tested and just did the code here quickly. This is my thinking.

Create a button helper… when you push it, it will turn on the new sensor if the total room sensor is ON. Then when your total room sensor goes OFF your sensor light automations time delay starts. I put a delay of 30 seconds just to give it a buffer if it comes back on but you can remove it or make it longer, like this for 10 minutes change the seconds to minutes in the template.

          minutes: 10

Create a your template binary sensor by adding this to your “configuration.yaml” file. Then restart HA or reload as shown below. You will have to change “input_button.your_button_helper_here” to your button helper entity ID and “binary_sensor.your_total_room_sensor_here” this is your entity id for the total room sensor. The “Button Motion Sensor” is the name of your new sensor… change it to your liking.

  - trigger:
      - platform: state
        entity_id: input_button.your_button_helper_here
      - platform: state
        entity_id: binary_sensor.your_total_room_sensor_here
        to: "off"
          seconds: 30
      - name: "Button Motion Sensor"
        device_class: motion
        icon: mdi:motion-sensor
        state: >
          {{ is_state('binary_sensor.your_total_room_sensor_here', 'on') }}

Once done then group this new binary sensor with the zone motion sensor in each automation. So you will have say zone 1 + this sensor in a group, then zone 2 + this sensor in a group. Then add the correct group to the automation trigger for the zone (only this group in the trigger). Now when you push the button it should turn ON this new sensor in every group turning ON all your lights or keeping them ON and only when the total room motion detection goes OFF then this sensor will go OFF and your lights will turn OFF :wink: Nice hay :partying_face: No need for by-pass and your two automations… you only need this temple sensor. :tada:

To reload the template sensor if you make a change go into developer tools and click"template entities"

Hope it works… it should

Let us know if this works for you

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A switch is not a motion sensor. You have to turn it ON manually and something has to turn it OFF.

So you could use the by-pass turn light ON with the delay to turn it OFF if you forget. When you turn the switch ON light will come ON or Stay ON and then the delay will turn it OFF if you forget to turn it OFF and your light will go OFF.

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Thank you so much for this. I will give this a try for sure and let you know !!

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