Sensor of Temperature Feels Like

Published beta-version of Feels Like Temperature Sensor

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This is cool. Not because of the functionality itself, just had a quick look, humiindex, heatindex, windchiltemp and dewpoint ask for something like 20-30 lines if ever.

But the documentation to see about what’s needed to turn this into a complete package is really appreciated by me. Especially since it’s nothing too complexed to understand.

thanks a lot for the effort :slight_smile:

We a different way of calculating feels like in Australia, it’s based on Australian Apparent Temperature. Attaching my template for others

- platform: template
      friendly_name: 'Feels Like Outside'
      value_template: >
                        {% set temperature = state_attr('weather.home', 'temperature') %}
                        {% set humidity = state_attr('weather.home', 'humidity') %}
                        {% set windspeedmps = state_attr('weather.home', 'wind_speed') / 3.6 %}
                        {% set wvp = (humidity/100) * 6.105 * e**((17.27*temperature) / (237.7 + temperature))%}
                        {{(temperature + 0.33 * wvp - 0.70 * windspeedmps - 4.00)|round(2)}}
      unit_of_measurement: '°C'

The names are different, but the essence is actually the same. Take a look at the calculation formula in my component: ha-temperature-feels-like/ at d1082445dc9414d142659d7e947a30f8026b2aa9 · Limych/ha-temperature-feels-like · GitHub

Hey, they are similar but produce quite different results. I think it’s because your script is expecting wind speed in mps where as my weather provider supplies it in kph. As per the screenshot, it may be worth tweaking the script to detect what units are used.


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Thank you for bringing this situation to my attention.
In the component code, there really was a bug in the handling of units for wind speed.
In the new version 0.1.8 it has been fixed.

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Can I ask what weather app this is?

Added the ability to specify groups as a source. Now you can, for example, collect all sensors of one room into a group and give it to the input of this sensor. Next, it itself will figure out how to use the provided data.

BOM in Australia actually publishes the ‘Feels Like’ - is there a reason you don’t use that @homeaus ?

Unless I’m missing something this component doesn’t calculate these right?

It doesn’t seem to be calculating correctly.
It’s claiming the real feel here at the moment is 22.0c and the temp is 24.1c. The actual real feel is 31c — which seems right, it’s spicy as hell right now outside, definitely not feeling like 22c.

My data sources are from environment Canada for all 3 (temp, humidity, wind speed).

This is not a weather app; this is a script which grabs temperature, humidity, and wind speed from your already-setup weather sensors, and calculates the “Feels like” temperature, then creates a new sensor

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What do you mean “actual real feel”?

There is no single correct formula for the apparent temperature.

There is a subjective perception of a specific person and there are formulas that try to mathematically approach this sensation. Many meteorological firms spend a lot of effort to come up with their own formula. And later they keep it a secret.

I took only one of the possible formulas to make this component. And I had to throw out the part from it that takes into account the absorption of solar energy by objects, because the solar energy depends on a specific place (from 800 W/m² on a sunny day in Stockholm to 2000 W/m² in the Sahara), and I doubt that an ordinary user will be able to calculate it. As a result, alas, the formula only calculates the “temperature in the shade”.

If you can suggest a more precise formula, I would be happy to use it in a component.

Definitely understand there is no absolute calculation, but regardless of my perception of the temperature outside, I can obviously tell it’s hotter then the “current outside temperature” due to the humidity. The calculation results im getting with yours always says it’s cooler then the actual temperature outside. I would understand a few degrees off here and there, but I’d expect it to at least show a positive humidex value.

The problem could be environment Canada’s sources. I’m going to try populating the temp, humidity, wind speed from a different source and see if that makes a difference.

Ah, the lower image looks like a weather app…

Yes, that blue image is. It’s accuweather for IOS. I just posted that as reference to what I thought the real feel temp should be in my area. The top one is HA/Lovelace displaying the “feels like” sensor this custom component creates.

Makes sense. Thanks!

@Limych Can I see an example of grouped sensors with humidity and temp? My yaml keeps throwing up errors when I try.

I don’t understand what difficulties there might be:

# Example of configuration.yaml
      - sensor.temperature
      - sensor.humidity

  - platform: temperature_feels_like
    source: group.weather_group