Set Default Dashboard for all users

I think that Admins should be able to set a default dashboard for all users that log in.

For my non-technical users it is frustrating for me (and them) that I have to show them on each new device that they use how to change the dashboard for that device. Why not just let admins set a default dashboard for the entire Home Assistant instance? Then the users can override on a particular device if they want to.

I agree. that should be a basic functionality for an admin.

that is one of big reasons why I still hold onto the (deprecated) custom-header. It still works great for what I want to use it for. Which this request is suggesting - user dashboard/view control.

I would tell you to use that but you can’t get it any longer thru HACS and I doubt it’s even available to manually install either.

BTW, vote for your own request.


I couldn’t believe that a simple and obvious feature like this is missing from HA. Although I love the product very much so far after switching from domoticz, this is pretty lame. Please can this be added!?


I’m looking nearly once a month to find a solution the set a non user specific dashboard!
Every time I cleared my my browser cache I have to set the default dashboard as well as setting the theme to dark.
Is there any solution?

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Voted… I would like to control this too

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Seems like a no brainer to me

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100% agree this needs to be an option! I’m tired to having to get on my wife’s phone every time her default dashboard gets reset for some reason…


100% agree, why is it per device, at least make it per user. You would think that there is a plugin somewhere that would do this.


Add me to the list requesting this.

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Same here, really annoying to tell the kids that have to change it.

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I can add also that in some App Updates lost the dashboard and set the default one. So frustrating. :frowning:

Please add this!

Voted! Please!

I also miss this feature. But keep also the possibility to change default dashboard per user and device as it is now.

Same-- I believe that one should be able to set this as a default for the HA install, overridable per-user, and then overridable per-device.

My default page has so many things on it that it takes a number of seconds to load before you can even navigate away from it (or interact with it). It makes it seems like the HA is frozen, when it is not, and is a fairly terrible experience.

I too would find this extremely useful. There are so many things in a Smart home which could accidentally cause a bad experience in a user who has default access to everything. For example our smoke alarms appear as devices which if clicked on,since they appear on the Overview, will set them off. There are switches which are supposed to be on, as their main function is to measure power use. I have a dashboard which is greatly simplified - but need to log on to my wife’s computer, phone etc to configure them.

Yep, this should be implemented. Currently you need to configure each device individually ON the device itself, very strange approach.


I am amazed that this still hasn’t been implemented.

Consider the experience of a new user logging in. You give them credentials… they install the app and log in… they see the default dashboard and feel overwhelmed. I start to explain how they need to set their default dashboard under their user settings… their eyes glaze over and they hand me their phone feeling stupid. I set their default dashboard for them… and then their experience of the useful aspects of home assistant can begin.

If this existed:

Settings > People > Users > Select a User > Dropdown menu to set their default dashboard.

Consider the experience of a new user logging in. You give them credentials… they install the app and log in… they see their dashboard which was designed for them. They click a light switch on their phone and the lights turn on or off… and instead of immediately feeling stupid they immediately feel empowered.

Please add this.


You have to understand that the devs have been busy with more important things…

Like changing all of the colors in HA so that they break users themes…

you know, important stuff like that…



sorry couldn’t resist.


I seem to be missing something, but isn’t this possible by just applying a theme with a service call to


This theme is persistent (no automation required) and is set for all clients for all users as long as they have the theme set to " backend selected" in their client which is the default.

They may however choose a different theme.