Settings Location

deleted. adding this to Sidebar - Move Settings to below Notifications or default to top of scrolling list

Duplicates are a problem. You should vote for the other one you found instead of making a new one. (Assuming it is the same that is)

More about Feature Requests.

ignored feature requests are a problem too TBH. I voted on the other post, but at 3 votes, unless i offer money to the devs, i doubt it’ll ever get looked at as a possible change.

You went to that link I saw. You realize that this is probably something what would be community driven as opposed to core team driven. So far the community is not agreeing with the 3 of you.

You can certainly work on it yourself or be trying to get others to help. Unfortunately it can’t be all things to all people. Not all ideas are completed.

It is hard to judge your commitment though if you don’t even vote for your own [FR]…

Closed as a duplicate.