Setup failed for tado


no. only lines 115 and 140.


Didn’t work for me changing only lines 115 and 140. No way… Home Assistant 0.89.2


Me too, didn’t work Hassio on Ubuntu Server :frowning:


@diplix I’m currently using… but I’m not that expert I figure how to access with docker ps command but then I don’t know how to go on
is there anyone that can provide a step to step tutorial?
TIA guys


Getting access to the docker filesystem doesn’t help much - the directory structure that I see when I access the docker filesystem is the same as that seen in the configurator. There is no pyTado folder in site-packages and I cannot find it anywhere else…


same problem here


Same issue here. Running hassio. Hoping for a fix in the next release of ha.


Try here if you have it on python virtual env.


Check this post:


could someone post the way to change those lines in HASSIO? Above links are all incorrect to find py tado component. Thanx!


As stated - if I SSH into my HASSIO docker container, the suggested folders (PyTado) do not exist. I have never completely understood the differences between HASSIO and home assistant, but the structure appears different…


How to find those files if running hassbian on rpi3?


Which is the path to PyTado/ running HA with hassbian on a rpi3?


OK - found it in my HASSIO docker and fixed it. Steps:

First, find your HASSIO docker id:

docker ps

Then locate the file:

docker exec b71fdab9b620 find / -name ""

For me, it was in “/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/PyTado/”.

Copy it locally:

docker cp b71fdab9b620:/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/PyTado/ /media/

Edit this file as above (using nano or another editor) - change “” to “” on lines 115 and 140.

Copy the file back to docker:

docker cp /media/ b71fdab9b620:/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/PyTado/

Restart your docker container:

docker restart b71fdab9b620

Should be up and running again.


Hi, where are you typing in docker ps, when i try that in a ssh shell i get a command not known error?


You need to SSH into the host on which you are running docker. If the command is not found, you can’t be running docker on that host?


It still does not work :frowning:


Did the find command find your file?


yes, find in f73ed9dce14e:/config/deps/Python36/site-packages/PyTado/


Then you need to use:

docker cp f73ed9dce14e:/config/deps/Python36/site-packages/PyTado/ /media/

And then make sure you copy the edited file back to the same location.