Setup failed for tado


The file has been modified and saved in the original position but without result


Did you restart the docker container?


Yeah don’t seem to have access to the docker container using Hassio on a RPi. Have access SSH via port 22222 using the dev options but still docker command is not recognised, will have to wait for an update I guess.


If you are running HASSIO on a RpI, you won’t be running docker. Just SSH to your RPi, and run:

find / -name ""

Once you have located the file, simply edit it as above - no nead to worry about docker.


yes with “sudo docker restart f73ed9dce14e”


Can you try copying the file across again using:

docker cp f73ed9dce14e:/config/deps/Python36/site-packages/PyTado/ /media/

And open the file to see if your changes have saved and transferred properly?


Have tried that, doesn’t seem to find that file, have checked that I am doing it right by searching for a known file and it gets a hit on that but nothing on Maybe works differently on a Pi?



Hi, I’ve read your solution but no way to find on RASP any ideas to solve?


Interesting - the changes seem OK. Have you tried restarting HASSIO from the web interface?


Yes, in log:

Setup failed for tado: Component failed to initialize.
14:11 (ERROR)

Unable to connect to mytado with username and password
14:11 components/tado/ (ERROR)


Afraid not - I don’t have a RPi. Others above have found the file on their SD card and edited on another machine - might work? Not sure why you would be able to do that but not see the file through SSH…?


And when you run the docker find command, you only see one instance of the file? Mine was in python 3.7, not python 3.6…


I think the one that was able to find it on the SD was running ResinOS rather than HassOS?


I use Hassio on Ubuntu Server


Hassio 0.89.1, now update tu last version


And there is definitely no file at:



Same problem with Tado here.
Running hassio on hassos and a rpi.

find / -name ""

Doesn’t find anything, and in


there is only a lib folder.



there is only

any help?


Same here.


I changed the file, but as soon I restart home assistant, the files reverts back to the old and wrong url. So I think we need to save the fix some below:
but not sure. Can some1 confirm where exactly to place it?