Setup - Home Assistant – Proxmox with a IKoolCore R2

I could do with a little Help on two issues I’m facing,

I have migrated from a Home Assistant Yellow which was running fine with things so I did a backup and added that to this new setup on a Proxmox with a IKoolCore R2

1: one of them being on how do I get the ZHA devices back working.
2: AAnd how do i get my cloudflare url back working.

Starting with ZHA first it seems to have lost connection to them all and I have no clue on what to do to get them back up and running.

Any help on this would be great.

If there a easy way I can get them all backup and running smoothly again?

The Cloudflare is how do I get the url to that now from using a Homeassita

to the cloudflare url one I use of: https://private.u.k this is an example url :slight_smile:

I’m amazed really I have managed to get to setting this up but it seems very stable and wil be a lot easier for me to managed and contain when I learn more about it love this community too for there help and support!

I am about to move to ProxMox this coming weekend. Looking forward to it! That being said I haven’t done what you are doing yet, but I do know you have to share that USB dongle with your VM manually from Proxmox. Once you do that zha should reconfigure itself if you haven’t messed with it yet.

As for cloudflare, are you using a tunnel? If so it should just “work” go to the add-on cloudflared and look at logs. If you aren’t using a tunnel you will need to setup nginx I believe for hosting which I have not set up before. If it’s nginx I would start looking at setup tutorials, if it’s cloudflared you might need to relink the tunnel since the computer is so different.

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Thank you fro this hope your setup goes as well as miine did! That video I watched is great! and took me a few hours yesterday with no issues at all, but did not want to attempt to Migrate until I had daylight :slight_smile:

With what you say I’m I’v to somhow setup a container or add Docker to do it or woud it just be just a add on to it? You say USB Dongle its not connected to the Ikoolcore so not sure what you fully mean? Do I need to plug it into the R2 or should it work as It normaly does?

I’m totaly new on Proxmox so these video’s really help but they do not give me how things are working with Proxmox!

That is what I thought with Cloudflare that it woudl just work but how woud it know?

But with you mentining it now to me I thought Id not tried my url address, so I have just done that and its working like a treat! Thanks to they guys who make all this! :slight_smile:

SO now Im down to 1 problem the zha and then how do I get a MQTT setup :slight_smile:

Thanks Versile2!

proxmox should have a configuration on how many processors/memory/storage to assign to your homeassistant. In that area somewhere should be a section to add the USB to that virtual machine. Once you do that, 1 reboot later your ZHA should work. Did you have MQTT setup previously or no?


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Thanks Francisp!

Do I plug the Sonoff into the Ikoolcore USB or the PC as I found a link on how to do this and it says a lot of varying ways! So not sure!

Also do I add it to the Home Assistant Node?
like this?

In the pc running proxmox (Ikoolcore ?) and yes, to the home assistant node

Thank you for this I found a like to try to help me but its also made me more confused due to all the varying ways :thinking:

But seems a good link to get a little more of a clue on getting this setup! Thanks

This is the Link:

Passing USB devices through to a VM in Proxmox

no ikoolcore is running Proxmox. I have 2 usb 3.0 on the front of it

So you put the dongle in the ikoolcore.

:thinking: would have to be my usb leads not long enough now going to have to move the R2 to the other side to be able to plug in now ! :rofl: :rofl: so seems a good time to clean my Desk :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

So I add it on the Home Assistant node to add the Hardware?

Would I do the same to get MQTT working?

Ok I’ve done that, what do I do next just re-boot both devices?

Reboot the VM, and HA should find the dongle.

Your amazing thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

you got me from

No ZHA working to ZHA working in Proxmox with a ikoolcore

Hope for this to happen too in the community too so if you have time can you plz vote!