Shelly Gen3 Support (e.g. PM1 Mini Gen3)

The newly released Gen3 products can yet be added to Shelly app but are not working with HA at the moment. In my case they are detected but integration fails (regardless whether authorization needed or not):

I have several other Shelly successful running, so its definitely a Gen3 issue.

Would love to integrate them :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance and all the best

Same issue with my Shelly 1PM Mini Gen3.
This type is brand new and probably not tested or integrated

Also same with me. Received 8 of them yesterday and cannot get them to show up in HA. Hopefully these will be supported very soon

Indeed, hope for a quick Shelly HA update. Log says: โ€œwrong shelly genโ€

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Exactly the same issue here, how long does it usually take to update such a thing?

I just checkout the dev branch and everything works super smooth. So either switch to the dev branch or wait until the next release (Jan 24).