Siemens RDS110 support

Hi, can we have support for Siemens RDS110.

more info: Siemens RDS110.R Smart Thermostat Wireless - #9 by andreasc

API is open. I am waiting for this too.

well it seems that API is not open…
basically openhab has a component available to integrate with siemens rds110. i setup the openhab and enabled the “thing” but it requests for API key. i didn’t find a way to generate API key in climatixic website. sent them an email and waiting…

Hi Andreas! Did you finally receive the API key via email?

hi Alexandros,

actually no, there’s no way to request for API key through their website and contact them via support ticket. I send them a support request, they replied that support team has nothing to do with this and i should contact siemens partners in my country but locals have no idea what i am talking about.

in addition i used to log in to the climatixic site and view the status of my rds110, now i login and i see nothing.

See this Pull Request on OpenHAB to improve the binding documentation

Hello to all,

Does anyone successful paired this thermostat in Home Assistant?

It would be great to associate it with HA but seems impossible.

Thanks to all.

they don’t provide an api, they don’t do anythign about it, it seems like a forgotten product.
ill try to analyze the app requests and see if we can get somewhere…

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Thank you Andrea, please keep me update about.
I wouldn’t change this thermostat becasue seems it’s not bad, but I also would like a smart one.

Hope that they’ll provide API soon.

they wont provide an API, the only way is to change the thermostaat.

They don’t officially provide an API, but nevertheless I reverse engineered it for OpenHAB. See the following links…

hi there @andrewfg thanks for coming to this thread, i read all about your integration, i have also setup a openhab to test it and then do an oh mqtt to ha. but as per your readme:

The Siemens Climatix IC cloud server exists primarily for supporting Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) customers who use the Climatix range of HVACR control products. However the Climatix IC cloud server is also used for supporting private customers using the RDS range of residential smart thermostats. But Siemens customer support people are often unaware of the latter fact, so when you ask them for the API key for the RDS smart thermostat range, their first reaction might often be to say you are talking nonsense! Do not accept that answer! You need to insist that you are requesting the Climatix IC cloud server API key for the RDS smart thermostat range – it is a different key than those for OEM commercial customers.

We need to request API from climatix. I did, i insisted and insisted, sent many emails, i also had chats and calls with them. Nothing. There latest official response was:

In the past it was possible to obtain a free Starter api key for testing purpose, restricted to 50 calls/minute and maximum up to 500 calls/week.
Unfortunately this Started API product is no more available.

is there any other way we can get the API key used by the app?

I found it by observing the traffic between the app and the server. The connection is HTTPS so a simple network sniffer won’t work, but if you connect the mobile device running the app to the internet through an interposed Charles proxy server on another machine you can read it.

Thank you all for your reply, but this this way looks like very complicated and to advanced for me.
I really don’'t know from where to start.

I think I have no alternative but wait official integration or change thermostat.

I think maybe that @andreasc might be able to help you :slight_smile:

i didn’t find a way to do it.

Hi @andrewfg , I managed to setup a sniffer with Charles proxy and an older phone, so that I can see the traffic unencrypted, however I can’t see an explicit string like “api-key” or anything similar. Do you maybe have any hint what should I look for?
There are tags like “id”, “Plants”, “plantPrivileges”, “tenantId”, “applicationSetId” “preferredTenantId”…also “contactName” has a strange 6-5-5-5-5 character long string…

edit: Is it by any chance the “Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key” in the header?
edit2: yes, it is :slight_smile:


hope you get something working. we are stuck with a device that cannot be integrated and this frustrates me…

there is some progress, I could setup the integration on OpenHab, but ran into other issue(s)…we’re discussing it here: Siemens RDS Bindings - Bindings - openHAB Community

Hi! I have same problem with API key. Could You send me a step by step description how to get the API key? Thx.