Smart Curtain Motors (Broadlink RM Pro, Dooya)


Hi Guys,

I am looking at buying some motorised curtains for the living room. I am liking the look of the Dooya chinese ones. From what I read they are ok and lots cheaper than other ones I have seen. As far as I can tell I have two options

The DT52E motors which work off 433MHz remote control or are activated by pulling the curtain slightly. I would need to get a Broadlink RM Pro (which can send out the 433Mhz signal like a remote).

Or I get the DT52S motors which have a four wire control to a wall switch and then get a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 unit to control them via z-wave Like in this example. Unfortunately these dont have the function that you can start them with a slight pull on the curtains.

I am in two minds because as much as possible I try and make the smart home stuff easy for anybody to use. So I really like the idea of the curtains opening with a slight pull. but this needs the DT52E motors and I am not sure I trust the RF link to work reliably all the time. On the other hand if I go for the DT52S motors they work off Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 z-wave control and I know they will work well as I already have Fibaro dimmer 2 units and they are rock solid.

Has anybody used the Broadlink RM Pro to control curtains? does it work reliably? how about the dooya curtain motors? anybody used these?


Look here

Zigbee need a hub


I have the Xiaomi curtain motor together with Dooya DT82 track and it is a top quality piece of kit. It has soft start & finish and is very quiet. You will need a xiaomi hub which connects to your WiFi and communicates with the motor by Zigbee.


I’ve not used the curtain motors, but the roller blind motors which are 433MHz and controlled by a remote work flawlessly with Broadlink RM PRO. Very easy to pair the remote to the motor, and then copy the the up / down commands with the RM PRO and then allow HASSIO to control. I also use my echo DOT to either raise or lower the blinds, by themselves or within a routine ie…‘bedtime’ lowers the blinds, turns on bedroom light. then in the morning the I have an automation to raise the blinds at a specific time. All controlled with HASSIO and Broadlink, reliability is not a problem it just all works.


i just got a dooya DT52E and it seems to work fine and reliable. i’m controlling the device with an rfxtrx, which needs a little initial setup with the windows rfxtrx manager software. my secondary rf emitter (rflink) also seems to have no problem to control the unit. like all 433 mhz devices, there’s no real back channel or status feedback. controlling the curtain with a pull actually works, though you have to pull a little harder than „slight“, to start the motor.


@diplix How did you configured the DT25E in HA? I was able to configure the motor in rfxtrx_manager, but not able so far to configure it in HA.




Hi guys,

I’m using Dooya DT360E and I can control it via WIFI through e-control app or RF remote.
I’ve found out that this model has already been supported by Broadlink component via the link below:

But I have not found the guide to setup on Home Assistant .
Please share with us the steps to go if any guys got success.

Thank you.


The Xiaomi zigbee motor may be able to work with zigbee2mqtt. It’s not supported yet but as long as it runs zigbee, it should be able to add


I can control the Dooya Motor from HA via RF but that great if we could control directly via wifi as the native support from Broadlink component.


Hi guys,

I can see the original Broadlink component already supported S1C and Dooya curtain motor as below:

I’ve tried but not success.

Have any guys got success on these devices?

Thank you.