[Solved] Rfxtrx Cover - T6 Blinds - not working

Hi, I’m trying to setup my covers to work with HA.

Blinds are working from Rfx Manager:


How to setup correct ID in cover config? 071a0000[id][unit_code] -> does not work/ not conforming right format.


For this blind motor use 09 19 06 03 0A 0A 0A A1 00 00

00 = open
01 = close
02 = stop
03 = confirm/pair

Thanks, but with this code still not working.


cmd byte added in my previous message

My configuration.yaml, got this:

  - platform: rfxtrx
      091906030A0A0AA10000: # RFY
        name: Roleta

Still does not work :cry:

b_weijenberg - thanks for help :slight_smile:

Right codes:
0919060E0A0A0AA10100 --> DOWN

0919060F0A0A0AA10200 --> STOP

091906100A0A0AA10000 – >UP

It was a connection problems to serial port.
I have checked it using:
sudo jpnevulator --timing-print --tty /dev/ttyUSB0 --read

Thanks a million for these codes. I have the DC106 too!! Works like a charm !! Had problems translating them from mngr and domoticz but now it’s working in home assistant as well !!!

Hi guys,

Thanks for the info in this topic, I have just one minor question (2 actually).
1: Do I have to setup the cover as 3 seperate switches with the appropriate commands for up/down/stop or can I set it up as a cover device and have all the build in features of home assistant?
2: I have a blind motor that has an upper and lower limit set and a middle position. On my remote I can push UP for 3 seconds to move the blinds to the upper limit, push DOWN for 3+ seconds to completely close the blinds and use a “MIDDLE” button to move the blinds to the middle position. It is a brel motor using the T6 protocol. Any clue how to implement this unit so I can use the limit positions and middle positions?

As I really don’t understand the translation between all the codes I can’t figure it out myself. I have managed to get the “down” code mentioned above working, it does correspond to a single press on the remote’s down button so I am positive that it could work, I am only wondering how to set it all up.

Would be great if anybode could help me out with this :slight_smile:.

Thanks guys!

Hi Guys,

Never mind, I just figured it out (took a bit of luck actually). I added the cover with the code above, ending 0000 and set the signal repetition to 8 which seems enough to simulate a “long press”. The stop button in HA appears to correspond to my “middle” button on the remote :).

This is my config for the record:

      - platform: rfxtrx
        automatic_add: false
        signal_repetitions: 8
            name: blinds

My device has the following id and unit code
ID: 0101010
Unit code: 1

Thanks again for the great post it this thread!


I have Chamberlain motors Blinds T8
How can I find out the Device ID for the Home Assistant config?

See chapter 2.2.2 in the RFXtrx User Guide. Chamberlain CS4330CN is supported for transmit in Ext firmware.
Add the RFXtrx device with a random ID as additional remote in the motor.

hej ronald,

can you check my post, as I want also to migrate it from Domoticz to HA. And I’m getting the issue

Hello, I have some comprehension problem with RFXcom using T6 protocol.
I understand the number 091906 is corresponding to the T6 protocol.
After that you add some time 03 and some time an other number (0E or 0F or 10), that I dont understand.

And after I put the id of the remote control that I understand.
But In the automation point of view, how can I send the up or down command as an action ?
I don’t find anything in the documentation, sorry.
Best regards

If you have an RFX

  1. get the RFXMngr from their website
  2. Enable the correct protocol (T1 or Tx)
  3. Press the up button on your remote
  4. take note of the code
  5. create a cover in HA, for example:
PS. don't forget to de-select the BlindsT0 or BlindsTx once you're finished
BlindsT0 will actually block any other protocols
- platform: rfxtrx
      name: Kitchen Blinds
  1. in your automations, the action will look like this:
  - service: cover.open_cover
      entity_id: cover.kitchen_blinds

Don’t forget to disable BlindsT0/T1 afterwards, especially BlindsT0 as it’ll disable all other protocols

Many thanks for your help !

Best regards

Dear Weijenberg, Can you help me with the confoguration of Brel blinds ?

Gr Vlak

Just follow the instructions 2 posts above: