Solar Powered Self-watering Plant (no plumbing, no power) [WIP]

I like plants but I kill them. I want some on my apartment balcony, which has no plumbing and no power. Therefore, I’m having a crack at my first solar powered esp32 project with water reservoir
I’ll drop my progress here as I go along and refine a few posts as I go.

Draft System diagram:

I’m considering adding a light sensor and water level monitoring (ToF).

Power manager’s I’m looking at:

  1. Sunflower: Solar Power Manager 5V (current favourite)
  2. TP4056
  3. Solar Power Management Module

Solar Panels:

Moisture sensor:

Light sensor:

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I’ve built the base with the concealed 20lt water reservoir. I went with treated pine sleepers, which my local hardware store cut to size for me. Decking screws to hold it together. This side will face the wall, as a balance between asthetics and accesibility. I’ve got the castors on…