[Solved] Rfxtrx Cover - T6 Blinds - not working


Hi, I’m trying to setup my covers to work with HA.

Blinds are working from Rfx Manager:


How to setup correct ID in cover config? 071a0000[id][unit_code] -> does not work/ not conforming right format.



For this blind motor use 09 19 06 03 0A 0A 0A A1 00 00

00 = open
01 = close
02 = stop
03 = confirm/pair


Thanks, but with this code still not working.



cmd byte added in my previous message


My configuration.yaml, got this:

  - platform: rfxtrx
      091906030A0A0AA10000: # RFY
        name: Roleta

Still does not work :cry:


b_weijenberg - thanks for help :slight_smile:

Right codes:
0919060E0A0A0AA10100 --> DOWN

0919060F0A0A0AA10200 --> STOP

091906100A0A0AA10000 – >UP

It was a connection problems to serial port.
I have checked it using:
sudo jpnevulator --timing-print --tty /dev/ttyUSB0 --read


Thanks a million for these codes. I have the DC106 too!! Works like a charm !! Had problems translating them from mngr and domoticz but now it’s working in home assistant as well !!!


Hi guys,

Thanks for the info in this topic, I have just one minor question (2 actually).
1: Do I have to setup the cover as 3 seperate switches with the appropriate commands for up/down/stop or can I set it up as a cover device and have all the build in features of home assistant?
2: I have a blind motor that has an upper and lower limit set and a middle position. On my remote I can push UP for 3 seconds to move the blinds to the upper limit, push DOWN for 3+ seconds to completely close the blinds and use a “MIDDLE” button to move the blinds to the middle position. It is a brel motor using the T6 protocol. Any clue how to implement this unit so I can use the limit positions and middle positions?

As I really don’t understand the translation between all the codes I can’t figure it out myself. I have managed to get the “down” code mentioned above working, it does correspond to a single press on the remote’s down button so I am positive that it could work, I am only wondering how to set it all up.

Would be great if anybode could help me out with this :slight_smile:.

Thanks guys!


Hi Guys,

Never mind, I just figured it out (took a bit of luck actually). I added the cover with the code above, ending 0000 and set the signal repetition to 8 which seems enough to simulate a “long press”. The stop button in HA appears to correspond to my “middle” button on the remote :).

This is my config for the record:

      - platform: rfxtrx
        automatic_add: false
        signal_repetitions: 8
            name: blinds

My device has the following id and unit code
ID: 0101010
Unit code: 1

Thanks again for the great post it this thread!


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