Sonoff NSPanel Blueprint - Configure your own custom NSPanel easy via a Blueprint

updated everything to 4.3.7 and found the timezone settings but I also updated the ESPhome docker to include the correct timezones so that my soul is happy.

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is there a way to use a template to select the used entity in a button?
i would like to have a button for a media_player, but since i have multiple media players that can be active i would like the one button show the actually playing media_player.

You can assign a script to a button, then use that script to call the media player page with the entity playing (you solve that on your side).
You can use this to open a specific entity: NSPanel_HA_Blueprint/docs/ at main · Blackymas/NSPanel_HA_Blueprint (

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I have the alarm panel mapped to switch2. Call the complete Alarmo page where there is Arm home, Arm away, Disarm. When I press disarm, the decoding keyboard appears. I would like So that I don’t have to call the Alarmo subpages individually, but that the keyboard in the Disarm state is displayed directly during the Alarm entry.

Do you mind adding this as a feature request in GitHub?
This is the link: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

What is the last version of the blueprint / repository with this “nest” dial?
Is it possible to download it?
( I dont need new features I just need this thermostat )

They removed the nest style dial because it caused crashes.

I’ll ask here as I am a bit lost with versioning:
my Blueprint is at v4.3.2 on an EU panel.
in ESPhome I am targeting main from Git and framework is esp-idf.

A while ago I was reading about having to flash sometime around March(?) to get to the new architecture and new blueprint.

Is that something I still need to do or since I am not on Arduino framework I can just stay with what I have?

You can just stay.

Great, thank you! :slight_smile: