Sonoff zbminil2 strange behavior


This is a bit offtopic (because it is for specific hw product and probably nothing to do with HA) but since lots of us are using the device, maybe someone will have an idea here

… excerpt from a mail sent to Sonoff support …


I have couple of zbminil2 devices in my house and I plan to have more because I like it because of the size and simplicity. However I have some issues with it

With my electrician we used the wiring from the official documentation like this

In my house majority of the switches for the lamps are so called two way switches (when I can manage the same lamp with two switches, when I turn off the first I can turn on with the second and vice versa (DPDT switch?). My goal is to keep the manual function of the switches, but I want to add automatic functions as well (e.g. event based automation), so this is why Sonoff zbminil2 chosen for this.

We’ve installed three of these devices so far and two of them (one is more frequently) having this issue

It is ok for a while (even for weeks), so automatic functions are working and you can still use manual method, but after a while mostly after a manual switch the zbmini starts cycling between on and off state (lamps blinks). If I’m not fast enough to stop it, after 5 blinks, it resets itself (and the connected smart bulbs too) so I have to disassemble the switch, re-pair zbmini (and the bulbs). I even thought this is some kind of HW failure, so I’ve replaced the most problematic one with a new one, but after maybe 1 month, the issue above re-appeared.

Can you help me in this to solve this issue and I can continue equip my other switches with zbmini?

Thank you

Seems others have had similar problems with Sonoff devices, check the threads and see if you can find any pointers. I don’t have any experience with Sonoff devices myself but to me it sounds like it might lose connection to your Zigbee network and therefore reset? How is your network set up, do you have enough routers, using an extension cable and so on?

I think this is completely different with this ‘blinking’ behaviour but thank you for your answer. I hope someone -even sonoff official support- will come up with an actual solution