SQUASHFS error / EXT4-fs error

Hi all,

I just migrated my setup from a rpi3 to brand new intel NUC i3/256GB NVME/8GB RAM. I install the latest HassOS (5.12) on the nvme, no problem. I restore my snapshot and it failed : I have a ton of error :

Blockquote SQUASHFS error: unable to read metadata cache entry / unable to read directory block

Blockquote EXT4-fs error (device nvme…) ext4_find_entry … inode … cf. screenshot

So after some research I thought about a hardware problem. I checked the RAM with memtest86 -> No problem. I checked the SSD with e2fsck -fv and badblocks -v -> no problem.
Then I thought it was because of an integration. So instead of a restore snapshot, I re-installed all my integration and containers one by one and reboot everytime I installed one. After some reboots, I thought it was okay. No more problem. But it happened again…
No logs on config/homeassistant.log (as it doesnt boot). no logs inside /logs/ …
Dont know what to do next.
After 20 re-install in 3 days I become crazy. So I came to grab some help :slight_smile:

Thanks !


Did you get this resolved, wanted to check before I start new thread.
I’m using RPI4 with SSD and I see same errors. I have not changed anything in last 2 weeks, and it suddenly stopped working.

I was thinking of moving to NUC, but reading through your thread that doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

Hi ! Unfortunately I haven’t… My NUC kept crashing from time to time so I decided to send it back in warranty to be sure it’s not a hardware problem. waiting for it now.
Do you use the supervised version or the home assistant OS ?

Did you get anywhere with this please? Was it a hardware problem in the end?

I’ve put Home Assistant OS on a new RPI4 8GB booting from SSD and I’m getting the same thing.

It seemed to be fine for the first couple of days and then this morning I couldn’t logon - I got “Error: Something went wrong” on the logon screen. Connecting a monitor to the RPI4 I revealed loads of errors relating to EXT4-fs. I rebooted and it’s now churning out loads of SQUASHFS errors.

I’ll leave this here for anyone else that finds this thread…

I think I’ve sorted my problem… I found the below thread for my SSD enclosure and that seemed to fix my problem.

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Just received back my product from warranty. I think they just dismounted and remounted my NUC and did some tests …
I installed Debian 11 with HA supervised and restored my HA backup. And … everything is fine for 2 months now ! Think my problem is solved too :slight_smile:
But I dont know if it’s because of Debian11 or because the hardware was remounted…
If that helps … !

I’ve just hit the same issue with a one month old RPi4B 4GB with no SD and 1x SSD.
Was working fine till this start of this week then got some odd issues with ESPhome devices going off-line/rebooting, then tonight I started a Full Backup in prep to update the core to latest build, then splat… Now the RPi4B boots and runs for a while then system locks up on GUI and HDMI monitor shows endless EXT4-fs errors, SQUASHFS errors etc. Power restart ends up in the same place eventually…
Any clues from the image ?

Same here but mine only began when trying to install sonoff zigbee dongle. I have RPi4 with 1x SSD that hasnt had any issues then once I inserted into usb it gave me the same errors. I should also add that the first time I put the dongle directly into the RPi but then after a reboot tried it with a usb extension with nothing attached and it did the same thing. When I reboot and dont put anything (besides SSD obviously) it works fine.

I get the same thing with RBi4 and SSD, just randomly a couple of times a month. Normally fixed with a reboot or two.

I had this problem (with the read only file system warnings just the other day. “Fixed” if with a reboot, but no idea what caused it, or whether it’s likely to happen again.

I’m using HA on a RPi 4 in the Argon case with an SSD.

Will update again if this happens again.

This just happened to me. It started with going through onboarding and HA startd reporting “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” in the browser. When I went to cli, I saw the repeated error. I didn’t even get to log into HA.

I’ve also had this happen again since my original post, but have now been running OK for over a week.

Same problem here.
RPI4B, SSD Samsung.

Guys I see lots of posts with same error but without any updates. If someone has solved please let us know. If it’s still randomly happening and the only solution is to restore a previous backup, please let us know too…

I was having this issue with an RPi 4 and Argon One case with the NVME SSD version of the case.
It did somewhat resolve itself after a couple of reboots, but I was getting an undervoltage warning.
After I gave it a 20 watt power supply it hasn’t complained or have a SQUASHFS error again.
I’m wondering if is a side problem from a power issue.

having some problems that look to be related?

is there a way to fix this? rebuild the file system
or reboot make a backup and then reinstall is best way to go?

Getting the same issue today. RPi4 - Argon One case with the NVME SSD
Anyone else get this resolved?

No. See Stability problems since updating to 10 and 10.1 Pi4 8GB NVMe SSD via USB adapter · Issue #2536 · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub

It looks like this issue has struck me too - after running very reliably for some time, my HA is now complaining about SQUASHFS errors and failing to boot properly.

I’m running on a Pi4 with an SSD in an Argon One M.2 case and have tried switching power supply to rule that out.

This is massively frustrating as I’ve recently had a large solar panel setup and battery array installed and use HA to monitor that as well as a bunch of other home automation bits, so getting it back to a rliable state is a real priority!

New user here,

I downloaded the VM off the website yesterday and have run into this problem today.

My environment is as follows: HP Microserver running XigmanNAS with VirtualBox running. Storage is 4x Seagate Pipeline HD drives running as 1 ZFS pool with XigmaNAS running from a USB stick internally installed on the mainboard. No issues with the NAS as a whole, everything responsive and working as it has for several years.

I started up the VM yesterday and when it came up to the point of saying “this may take 20 mins” I went out to do some things. I came back last night and finished the first start wizard, and found my detected devices, in particular I have an ESPHome smart plug and an identical device but running Tasmota. I started through the process of setting up the Tasmota device by installing Mosquito and setting up a username etc. I decided to put off the final setup of the Tasmota device until today as I was tired. This morning, I got a “We’re having trouble finding this page” message on the browser. Ok, I’ll check the VM. Virtual box says running, the NAS is also fully responsive etc. VNC to the HA VM, and I see these errors as mentioned above.

Reading through some of the replies, I seem to be the first person reporting the fault with no SSD involved. OK, XigmaNAS is running from a USB stick, but the VM is on a spinning disk and shouldn’t knw about the USB stick I don’t think? This is my very first time with HA, and it’s broken less than 12 hours after configuring 1 and a half devices. I’m going to investigate further but does anyone yet have any ideas on a cause and or a fix?