SQUASHFS error / EXT4-fs error

Hi all,

I just migrated my setup from a rpi3 to brand new intel NUC i3/256GB NVME/8GB RAM. I install the latest HassOS (5.12) on the nvme, no problem. I restore my snapshot and it failed : I have a ton of error :

Blockquote SQUASHFS error: unable to read metadata cache entry / unable to read directory block

Blockquote EXT4-fs error (device nvme…) ext4_find_entry … inode … cf. screenshot

So after some research I thought about a hardware problem. I checked the RAM with memtest86 -> No problem. I checked the SSD with e2fsck -fv and badblocks -v -> no problem.
Then I thought it was because of an integration. So instead of a restore snapshot, I re-installed all my integration and containers one by one and reboot everytime I installed one. After some reboots, I thought it was okay. No more problem. But it happened again…
No logs on config/homeassistant.log (as it doesnt boot). no logs inside /logs/ …
Dont know what to do next.
After 20 re-install in 3 days I become crazy. So I came to grab some help :slight_smile:

Thanks !


Did you get this resolved, wanted to check before I start new thread.
I’m using RPI4 with SSD and I see same errors. I have not changed anything in last 2 weeks, and it suddenly stopped working.

I was thinking of moving to NUC, but reading through your thread that doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

Hi ! Unfortunately I haven’t… My NUC kept crashing from time to time so I decided to send it back in warranty to be sure it’s not a hardware problem. waiting for it now.
Do you use the supervised version or the home assistant OS ?

Did you get anywhere with this please? Was it a hardware problem in the end?

I’ve put Home Assistant OS on a new RPI4 8GB booting from SSD and I’m getting the same thing.

It seemed to be fine for the first couple of days and then this morning I couldn’t logon - I got “Error: Something went wrong” on the logon screen. Connecting a monitor to the RPI4 I revealed loads of errors relating to EXT4-fs. I rebooted and it’s now churning out loads of SQUASHFS errors.

I’ll leave this here for anyone else that finds this thread…

I think I’ve sorted my problem… I found the below thread for my SSD enclosure and that seemed to fix my problem.

Just received back my product from warranty. I think they just dismounted and remounted my NUC and did some tests …
I installed Debian 11 with HA supervised and restored my HA backup. And … everything is fine for 2 months now ! Think my problem is solved too :slight_smile:
But I dont know if it’s because of Debian11 or because the hardware was remounted…
If that helps … !

I’ve just hit the same issue with a one month old RPi4B 4GB with no SD and 1x SSD.
Was working fine till this start of this week then got some odd issues with ESPhome devices going off-line/rebooting, then tonight I started a Full Backup in prep to update the core to latest build, then splat… Now the RPi4B boots and runs for a while then system locks up on GUI and HDMI monitor shows endless EXT4-fs errors, SQUASHFS errors etc. Power restart ends up in the same place eventually…
Any clues from the image ?

Same here but mine only began when trying to install sonoff zigbee dongle. I have RPi4 with 1x SSD that hasnt had any issues then once I inserted into usb it gave me the same errors. I should also add that the first time I put the dongle directly into the RPi but then after a reboot tried it with a usb extension with nothing attached and it did the same thing. When I reboot and dont put anything (besides SSD obviously) it works fine.

I get the same thing with RBi4 and SSD, just randomly a couple of times a month. Normally fixed with a reboot or two.

I had this problem (with the read only file system warnings just the other day. “Fixed” if with a reboot, but no idea what caused it, or whether it’s likely to happen again.

I’m using HA on a RPi 4 in the Argon case with an SSD.

Will update again if this happens again.

This just happened to me. It started with going through onboarding and HA startd reporting “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” in the browser. When I went to cli, I saw the repeated error. I didn’t even get to log into HA.

I’ve also had this happen again since my original post, but have now been running OK for over a week.

Same problem here.
RPI4B, SSD Samsung.