Sudo: hassbian-config: command not found



So i have recently installed Hassbian on a raspberry pi 3 after about a year of running quite happily on windows. I’ve always wanted to move away from windows and after helping a friend setup a raspberry pi, as a thanks he bought me one!

Anyways, I was running fine for a week, ran various hassbian-config scripts to install samba shares etc and all seemed fine. The only thing i had left to port was my amazon dash buttons. After a quick google i came across dasher:

Installation went fine and i was up and I used the guide to setup dasher to auto-start:

Then after a reboot and I found that homeassistant was no longer?! It was just not booting. Dasher was working great but no hass?!

After a bit of searching, I found this:

This got me back up and running with hass and dasher all at startup but it seems by Hassbian scripts are now gone. If i try and run anything from like sudo hassbian-config install samba or sudo hassbian-config upgrade hassbian, nothing works and I just get " sudo: hassbian-config: command not found"

Any ideas?!

Please?!?! :slight_smile:

Amazon Dash button hack, with power toggle (2 actions)

Hopefully it’ll help someone else but I have fixed it myself.


Just wanted to say thanks as I had this exact same scenario today. Minor point that the hyphens and underscores have to match in the wget and the dpkg commands, i.e. - hassbian_scripts-0.6.deb vs hassbian-scripts_0.6.deb

Also, in my case, I found that I also had to do ‘sudo systemctl --system daemon-reload’ in order to get the homeassistant service back again for some reason.

Anyway. Thanks again!


You helped me! Thanks!


Another metode that will allways download the latest version:

$ curl | grep “browser_download_url.deb" | cut -d : -f 2,3 | tr -d " | wget -qi -
$ HASSBIAN_PACKAGE=$(echo hassbian
$ sudo apt install -y /tmp/”$HASSBIAN_PACKAGE"
$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload


Thank you so much, you saved my time!


also wanted to thank you!!

as an Australian I have noted that my timezone seems to be causing my network connectivity problems (including possibly this failure at first boot)

to those also stuck on this - check you timezone is setup correctly as this resolved much of these issues for me after downloading hass manually…


thanks very much, work for me